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Rio 2016 Olympics: Featured Articles

  • Rio 2016: Taereung National Training Center Tour: Story of Korean National Team at 2016 Seoul Culture Night

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    2016 Seoul Culture Night will feature a tour of Taereung Training Center from August 26.

    2016 Seoul Culture Night will be held for two days from August 26 to 27 at various locations around Seoul, including Seoul Plaza and Taereung National Training Center. 2016 Seoul Culture Night, held for the eighth time this year, is a night festival where Seoul citizens can enjoy a variety of cultural arts along with Seoul’s history, culture, and nature. This year’s event will mark the 2016 Rio Olympics, visiting Taereung National Training Center (Nowon-gu, Seoul), an exciting place where dreams of Korean national sports team are formulated.

    Taereung National Training Center, located in Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu, in Seoul, is the only comprehensive athletic training center of South Korea, which was built by the Korean Olympic Committee for the training of Korean national teams. Built in 1966, Taereung National Training Center gradually expanded according to yearly plans. The center is currently working hard to provide the national team with systematic and scientific training. In addition, it is nurturing young athletes with potential and running the Korea Sports Museum. The tour of Taereung National Training Center will be undertaken on the 26th, the first day of the event. The tour will be an opportunity to listen to national sports teams’ stories and feel their passion.

    All programs of 2016 Seoul Culture Night are free of charge, and advance booking is available through the “Mobile Seoul” app or on the website (http://m.seoul.go.kr) from August 1 to 17. For more information on 2016 Seoul Culture Night, visit the website (http://www.seoulculturenight.com).

    [Story of national team beating the heat at Taereung National Training Center] ● Date: August 26 (Fri.) 10:00 ~ 12:00
    ● Location: Taereung National Training Center in Nowon-gu, Seoul
    ● Number of participants: 40 people
    ● Program: Introduction → Observation of training, one point lessons → Visiting Korea Sports Museum → Discussion
    ● Supporting agency : Korea Sports Museum