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  • Reserve and Pay for Unmanned Lockers of Seoul Metro on Your Mobile Phone

  • Transport News SMG 2211

    Starting on April 20, 2020, you can make a mobile reservation and payment for over 5,500 unmanned lockers in 279 Seoul subway stations (Lines 1-9). All you need to do is to install “T-Locker” on your smart phone.

    The app lets users search for the lockers closest to their location and see the current state of occupancy, getting rid of useless trips experienced by users who went to use a locker only to find that none were available.

    As more and more people prefer unmanned services and non-face-to-face methods of use due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the app will maximize the non-face-to-face effect by reducing unnecessary visits and introduce a mobile service that has been requested by many locker users to drastically enhance convenience.

    The main functions of the app include ▴ GPS-based search of available lockers, ▴ reservation and payment, ▴ information on how to use the lockers, and ▴ Q&A. Inquiries or reports of inconvenience are handled on a real-time basis through a remote chatting service on the app so users do not have to make a contact via the phone.

    A page of app use
    A page of app use; choose the locker closest from your location to see the available lockers. Pay the rental fee and use the locker.
    Scan the QR Code to install the App.