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  • Renovation of the Seoul Metropolitan Library’s Billboard in Celebration of the 102nd Anniversary of the March 1st Movement

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    Let’s overcome today’s hardship and fight to the end! 102nd March 1st Independence Movement Day The March 1st Movement wasn’t a one-day affair. There were over 1,700 demonstrations of resistance in just 1919 alone.

    In celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the March 1st Movement, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) renovated the Seoul Metropolitan Library’s outdoor billboard on Thu, Feb. 25, 2021, displaying the phrase “The March 1st Movement wasn’t a one-day affair.”

    The March 1st Movement is the movement of the largest scale in nation’s history that began with the reading of Declaration of Independence and Manse Undong (demonstrations). It didn’t end on March 1, but continued with more than 1,700 demonstrations of resistance in just 1919 alone.

    Alongside demonstrations, various types of movements in which every class participated in almost every region, such as distribution of Declaration of Independence, leave of absence from school, strike of merchants, and attack on colonizing organizations, occurred to lead to the establishment of provisional government and other national and social movements, making the foundation of the nation’s independence.

    Based on these historical facts, the billboard symbolizes the unwavering efforts and willingness of our nation for independence with a few pages from a calendar with records of diverse aspects of the movement. In the period when citizens’ difficulties are becoming heavier due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation, the billboard expresses the suggestion of perseverance against the current hardship by reminding citizens of the spirit of the March 1st movement.

    Moreover, the SMG is planning various online content to remind the citizens of the meaning of the March 1st Movement.

    ○ Travel journals by citizens journalists about historical spots in Seoul related to the March 1st Movement (Namsan Yejangjarak, Dikusha, etc.) will be published on “Seoul in the Palm of My Hand” (http://mediahub.seoul.go.kr), the SMG’s major communication channel. Also, destinations in Seoul related to the March 1st Movement will be also introduced in the SMG’s Seoul Sarang and My Friend Seoul magazines as well as NAVER blog.

    ○ On Mon, Mar. 1, Seoul Citizens Hall TV (YouTube, NAVER TV) will stream the program “Is Independence Movement Day a Sad Day? No, It’s a Happy Day!” where lecturer Choi Tae-seong will explain the catalyst behind the March 1st Movement, its development, results, and domestic and overseas influence, reminding viewers of the meaning of the Independence Movement Day, the foundation for the establishment of the Provisional Government of Korea under a democratic system.