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  • Release of Five Crowd-Funded Product Lineups Made by Printing Masters and Young Designers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is releasing five product lineups created by combining the skillful techniques of printing masters of Sewoon Plaza with the creative ideas and aesthetic designs by young designers as a result of a citizen-participatory crowdfunding project.

    Rolling Printing Alley: This product lineup comprises a kit with which you can make paper-model forklifts and trike motorcycles, the typical modes of transportation frequently seen in Chungmu-ro’s Print Alley, as well as an archiving book that contains interviews and photographs of common vehicles of the alley, and a trike-shaped badge.

    Inquiries into Sewoon Alley: This product lineup comprises a photo postcard book that contains photographs of the alleys of Jong-ro, Eulji-ro and Toegye-ro taken by young photographers with disposable film cameras, and a disposable film camera designed with elements of Sewoon Alley. Some postcards contain interviews with artisans of Sewoon Plaza.

    Inket × Plant Kit: This product lineup comprises a newly designed, upcycled ink container flowerpot for anyone to easily grow a succulent plant. It also contains instructions on how to use the container for other purposes.

    Memories Mediator Notebook: This product lineup comprises a set of three diaries designed with elements of industries seen in Sewoon Plaza and Eulji-ro. The diaries are designed with the motifs of an illustrative diary as well as to-do lists and daily schedules, and also include a sticker book, shape cut ruler and design tapes.

    Defragmentation: This product lineup comprises a set of a postcard book, posters, stickers and coasters designed to express the sounds and texture of objects seen in Sewoon Plaza.

    All of these product lineups embody the identity and characteristics of Sewoon Plaza, and were produced through the same process as products made in Chungmu-ro’s Print Alley (i.e. printing, binding, post-processing).

    This project was undertaken as an urban regeneration project under the theme of “Commemorating Sewoon Plaza.” It is the first case of collaboration between printing masters and young designers, following the collaborative project between urban manufacturing masters and young artists. The SMG prepared this project to reinforce the competitiveness of the printing industry around Sewoon Plaza where you can find clusters of Seoul-based printing businesses. In September 2020, a contest called “Make In Sewoon: Sewoon Souvenirs” was held to select 13 young designers, who were matched with local printing companies to support manufacturing a total of five pilot products.

    Each of the five pilot products will be commercialized and on the market after they reach their goals on the crowdfunding platform Tumblbug (https://tumblbug.com/collections/makeinsewoon2021) from Mon, Jan. 11 to Mon, Feb. 1, 2021. For more information, visit the Tumblbug or Sewoon website (sewoon.org).