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  • A release of EXO Special Limited Edition of the “Discover Seoul Pass”

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    Discover Seoul Pass

    A special limited edition of the “Discover Seoul Pass” will be released on Monday, August 20, featuring the Korean wave’s most central idol group, “EXO.”

    Discover Seoul Pass is a tourist-only travel pass that Seoul City and the Seoul Tourism Organization launched back in July 2016. This optimized item designed for individual foreign tourists who wish to travel around Seoul freely. It allows visitors to enjoy sightseeing all over the city more conveniently and effectively according to their preferences.

    Seoul City and the Seoul Tourism Organization collaborated with SM Entertainment to produce 1,000 copies of the EXO special edition Discover Seoul Pass. The goal is to attract foreign fans to Seoul using EXO’s influence – a group which has an enormous fan base overseas – and allow the fans to keep this pass as a tourist souvenir after their trip.

    Seoul released 500 copies of a Hallyu Star limited edition Discover Seoul Pass for the first time last year. At that time, other SM Entertainment artists such as Super Junior’s Yesung, Red Velvet, and NCT127 received much attention as they became the face of these passes.

    The EXO special edition of Discover Seoul Pass will be released for the 24-hour pass with a total of ten different designs (100 cards per design), including eight individual photo designs (one for each member) and two group photo designs.

    As usual, the pass allows free admission to 36 major tourist attractions in Seoul and 30 discounts on major tourist facilities for KRW 39,900.

    The city will receive pre-reservations for the special pass through its official website (https://www.discoverseoulpass.com) from Tuesday, August 7. Applicants who have received a purchased ticket through e-mail can purchase the pass at the Myeongdong Tourist Information Center operated by the city or at SMTOWN THEATER. If too many pre-reservations are made, purchase coupons will be sent randomly, otherwise a second draw will be organized or passes will be sold on-site.

    Discover Seoul Pass

    Discover Seoul Pass