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  • Reinforced Quarantine of International Arrivals

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    Seoul Metropolitan Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters Reinforced Quarantine for International Arrivals! Diagnostic Test & Self-Quarantine All international arrivals residing in Seoul Get tested on the day of arrival at your local designated screening clinic! (Including Korean nationals, non-Korean residents, and all tourists/visitors) ※ Please bring your passport and airline ticket when you get tested at the designated screening clinic. Self-quarantine for 14 days even if you test negative. If you don’t have a residence or an adequate place to stay in Korea, use the quarantine facility provided by the central/local governments. (Testing and treatment fees for international arrivals are supported by the Korean government. Quarantine facility fees are to be paid by users, including Koreans and non-Koreans). ※ If you show symptoms during self-quarantine, you must get tested again immediately. ※ Zero tolerance for those who violate the self-quarantine procedures  ※ Immediate prosecution for those who leave self-quarantine without valid reason. Violators can face up to one year in prison or KRW 10 million in fines in accordance with the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act (Non-Koreans can face forced deportation and prohibition of entry in accordance with the Immigration Act)

    Seoul residents entering South Korea may only travel via personal vehicle or specially designated taxi/bus 1. Personal vehicle (or of guardian’s) ※ Masks required, minimal conversations Get to the designated screening clinic of your district’s public health center ※ Call and check the hours before visiting. Get tested at the designated screening clinic of the public health center ※ Passport and airline ticket required to receive test Head home immediately after getting tested. Self-quarantine for 14 days! ※ Self-quarantine is mandatory even if the test result is negative. 2. Specially designated shuttle taxi (Fare: KRW 65,000 to 130,000; 24-hour operation and districted-based flat-rate) Hail a ride at Seoul Taxi Info Desk. - Between Gates 12-13 at T1 - Between Gates 2-3 at T2 Get off and get tested at the screening clinic. ※ Call the clinic before visiting. Passport and airline ticket required. ※ If there is no available spot, reserve and get tested the next day. After getting tested, take the shuttle taxi. ※ Your assigned taxi will wait until testing is complete. Self-quarantine for 14 days at home! ※ Self-quarantine is mandatory even if the test result is negative. 3. Specially designated shuttle bus (Fare: KRW 16,000) ▸ Procedures 1. Go to T1 (1F) or T2 (B1) of Incheon Airport upon arrival 2. Check the bus routes and fill out the passenger form. Passenger forms will be sent to the respective autonomous district office, and used for applicant’s testing and getting home (You may make a request to your district office if you do not have a separate mode of personal transportation to get home) 3. Take the shuttle bus to your local district (designated screening clinic) 4. Get tested following the instructions of the person in charge of the autonomous district office and go home (Use of personal vehicles is prioritized; ride the district office vehicle if needed) ▸ Timetable (Departures and times are subject to change) Incheon Airport #1 #2 #3 Terminal 2 Terminal 1 [Zones 1, 2] [Zones 3, 4] ※ #3 routes stop at temporary living facilities* for quarantine in Seoul *Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong, Myeongdong 2, Dongdaemun 1, Hotel Tmark ▸ Bus/Taxi Stop by District Zone 1 Mapo-gu Public Health Center Parking lot of Seodaemun-gu Public Health Center Front gate of Eunpyeong-gu Office Jongno Plaza Pharmacy Public Health Center at the right of Jungbu Fire Station Designated Screening Center of Yongsan-gu Public Health Center Zone 2 Dobong Community Center Sidewalk by Nowon-gu Public Health Center Designated Screening Center of Gangbuk-gu Public Health Center Seongbuk-gu Public Health Center Seongdong-gu Public Health Center Yongdu Park across Dongdaemun-gu Offfice Central Square of Jungnang-gu Office Zone 3 Transfer parking lot of Yangjae Station Gangnam-gu Public Health Center Songpa-gu Job Center Gangdong-gu Public Health Center Front gate of Gwangjin-gu Office Zone 4 Gangseo-gu Public Health Center Yangcheon-gu Public Health Center Garden of Yeongdeungpo-gu Office (front gate) Parking lot of Guro-gu Office Dongjak-gu Public Health Center Gwanak-gu District Council Geumcheon-gu Public Health Center

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