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  • Register for “Delicious Seoul Story,” a Korean culinary contest for foreigners

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    2012 is the last leg of “2010-2012 Visit Korea Year.” Following last year’s successful event, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding another “Delicious Seoul Story” culinary contest in 2012. The purpose is to spread the excellence of Korean dishes and attract food connoisseurs from around the country.

    The first round of the contest is done on You Tube. Five finalist teams, each of which consists of two persons, will be invited to Seoul for a five-day trip in September 2012 and an offline cooking contest before a panel of culinary experts.

    During the five days, the five teams will visit tourist attractions, famous eateries, traditional Korean liquor distilleries, and traditional Korean open markets where they will buy ingredients for their final cooking competition. They will have an opportunity to learn about the Korean royal court cuisine – its ingredients and recipes included- at the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine in central Seoul. The final offline cooking competition is about cooking culinary dishes according to the recipes they presented on You Tube.

    The competition is also open to people living overseas. Registration is simple: Upload your Korean dish cooking videos on You Tube (www.youtube.com/visitseoul) between Monday, July 2 and Friday, August 10, 2012 (6 weeks). Each participating team must be composed of two people. As for the type of Korean dish you may choose, it is open to any Korean dish of your choosing or a dish you are considering for the final cooking contest which will be held around Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok), you can choose a dish related to the occasion if you are somewhat familiar with the Korean culture.

    For details, please visit our Web site: http://welcome.visitseoul.net/eng/index.jsp