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  • Regeneration of Old Pumping Station of Oil Tank Culture Park into Art Space

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    The Oil Tank Culture Park is a cultural park that was transformed from an oil tank through urban regeneration in the 1970s. For the whole month of December, a foreign artist and young Korean artists took on an artistic initiative at the old pressurized pumping station. Their work is entitled, “Dragon Song,” and the place will be used by citizens for relaxation.

    Stephen Pusey is the foreign artist who collaborated with the young Korean artists to produce the piece that re-interprets the appearances of the Oil Tank Culture Park that change from moment to moment. The work will be revealed to the public in January 2020.

    Pusey completed five murals using his original dynamic and fluid lines with a wide range of brilliant colors. About the flow of the colors, he explained “The title, ‘Dragon Song,’ would better be understood as a song that is a dragon itself. According to the chaos theory and string theory, each unity as a minute molecule has its own vibration, reverberation, and resonance. The resonance itself is the song of a dragon.”

    • Stephen Pusey
    – Graduated from Saint Martins School of Art in London in 1975
    – Created public works of art in London and other cities in 1970-1980s
    – Interested in ethnic minorities and community; created popular and monumental murals using techniques of realism, including the Covent Garden and the Brixton Academy murals, containing a complete collection of main English publications
    – Selected as the artist to create indoor mural in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; held solo exhibitions at MoMA PS1 in New York in 1982 as well as group exhibitions; co-founded Plexus in 1994; co-founded “Cyber Soho” arts festival
    – Started to create paintings using new techniques of abstract expressionism based on reflection upon how the digital, network, and community relate to each other in 1990s; created five paintings on the pressurized pumping station, an open space in the Oil Tank Culture Park
    – Currently living in Chelsea, New York City; creates paintings and drawings