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  • Refurbishment of Dream Board at Seoul Metropolitan Library in Celebration of the 101st Anniversary of March 1st Movement

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    In celebration of the 101st anniversary of the March 1st Movement this year, 2020, Seoul refurbished the Dream Board (an outdoor billboard) at the Seoul Metropolitan Library on February 27 (Thurs.) to remind the passersby of the historical meanings and values of the March 1st Movement together with citizens.

    The Dream Board was planned in celebration of the 101th anniversary of the March 1st Movement and to share with citizens the historical meanings and values of the March 1st Movement, displaying the phrase, “We share the history of perseverance.” The March 1st Movement led to overcoming a national crisis through voluntary participation and cooperation of the citizens and gave hope to the weak around the world.

    Specifically, the expression on the billboard, reflecting the hopes and yearning for the “recovery of everyday life” that were shared by the people who participated in the March 1st Movement, conveys the message that the difficulties and currently faced by Korean society, including the COVID-19 situation, should be overcome through citizen participation.

    Additionally, the Dream Board expresses the spirit of the Korean people who never lose hope even facing a national crisis, with the image of the number “101” that depicts a person who is raising two hands, to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the March 1st Movement.

    “Nabi-ro” street with lightings (blueprint, daytime)

    “Nabiro” street with lightings (blueprint, nighttime)

    In March, Seoul will also establish “Nabi-ro,” a street with lights, near the “Ground of Memory” on Namsan Mountain that was constructed to commemorate the victims of the Japanese military sexual slavery. The city will raise citizens’ attention and attract warm response to the “Ground of Memory” by posting promotional materials in the subway stations and around Myeong-dong and Chungmu-ro.