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  • Reducing Traffic Fatalities to Half by 2021

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced the ‘3rd SMG Traffic Safety Plan’ in order to lower the rate of traffic fatalities to the level of advanced cities.

    The number of deaths caused by traffic accidents in 2015 for every 100,000 Seoul residents was 3.7, the lowest in the nation. Not remaining complacent with this number, however, the SMG set the goal for 2021 as 1.8, half the current rate. This number is lower than that of New York (2.9) and close to that of London and Berlin (1.5).

    Reducing Traffic Fatalities to Half by 2021
    < Traffic Fatalities per 100,000 people in different regions (Overseas: as of 2014)>

    Through the ‘3rd Traffic Safety Plan,’ the SMG designated four intensive management areas (➀ Pedestrian, ➁ Commercial vehicles, ➂ Two-wheeled vehicles/bicycles, and ➃ Traffic safety system) and prepared detailed execution plans for each.

    The first safety measure to be implemented aims to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths by 70%. To that end, pedestrian safety facilities will be expanded through lowering of the speed limit and installing crosswalks in all directions at intersections. Also, parking enforcement will be reinforced and traffic safety measures for children and seniors will also be expanded upon.

    Reducing Traffic Fatalities to Half by 2021
    Reducing Traffic Fatalities to Half by 2021 Reducing Traffic Fatalities to Half by 2021

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    In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by commercial vehicles such as taxis and buses by half, the SMG will strengthen the reward and punishment system for transportation companies and implement safety evaluation and training programs. It will also consider the introduction of new technologies to prevent accidents.

    To reduce traffic accidents caused by bicycles and two-wheeled vehicles, the SMG will reinforce the parking enforcement system and increase the number of safety facilities. It will also conduct two-wheeled vehicle safety education to delivery services and high school students.

    Also, to promote an effective traffic safety project, the SMG will fortify cooperation with various professional organizations and strengthen its safety management system through improving the road function and legal system.