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  • Reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions by 200 Tons by Replacing Boiler Burners

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 3937

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has replaced 425 boiler burners (ignition systems) with low NOx burners, thus reducing NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions by 200 tons and energy consumption by 4,600 TOEs in this year alone. The burning of NOx leads to the formation of acid rain and the development of respiratory diseases.

    Under the low NOx burner adoption project, which was launched in 2008, any small business or apartment that replaces its boiler and cooling/heating system burners with the low NOx burners certified by the Ministry of Environment will be compensated by Seoul City with anywhere from KRW 4.2 million to KRW 21 million per boiler replaced depending on its capacity.

    Low NOx burners use lower flame temperatures and oxygen concentration, thus generating lower NOx emissions and consuming less energy.

    Use of these boilers can reduce NOx emissions by 60%, as well as reducing annual energy consumption worth KRW 3.4 million per ton of boiler capacity, thereby cutting fuel costs to a significant degree.

    Given that one-third of NOx emissions are generated by non-industrial sectors such as building heating in Seoul, Seoul City realized that the proper management of boilers is essential to reduce NOx emissions, and announced that, in view of the high level of satisfaction among participants in the campaign, it will continue with the project to encourage a greater number of small businesses and apartment complexes to adoption the low Nox burners.