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  • Recruitment of Citizen Participants for Seoullo 7017’s 2nd Anniversary Festival

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    The two-year anniversary celebration of the Seoullo 7017 pedestrian path that was once a roadway will begin on May 19 (Sun.) under the name of, “Seoullo 7017 2nd Anniversary Citizens Festival – the Story of Seoullo” (hereinafter “Seoullo 7017 2nd Anniversary Festival”).

    Seventy teams of citizen merchandisers will take part in the “Story Market” at the Seoullo’s 2nd Anniversary Citizens Festival. The teams will be recruited through two rounds, with the first round being held April 17 – 23 and the second round being held from April 25 to May 1. After the merchandisers are chosen in the first round, the second round of recruitment will be open for participation by vendors within necessary genres and selling necessary objects.

    Applications will be accepted from general citizens, local residents, and foreigners who are vendors selling goods within the genres of living, accessories, fashion accessories, clothing, infants, food and beverage, pets, and art. Those wanting to participate can apply online (https://docs.google.com/), and recruitment announcements will be made on the Seoullo website on April 24 for the first round and May 2 for the second round.

    All information on recruitment and procedures can be found on the Seoullo 7017 website (http://seoullo7017.seoul.go.kr).

    Seoullo 7017 2nd Anniversary Citizens Festival
    Recruitment of Citizen Merchandisers for Story Market

    □ Recruitment Overview

    • Market date and time: May 19 (Sun.), 2019, 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    • Market venue: Seoullo 7017 (Magnolia Square – Rose Square, approx. 400 m.)
    • Recruitment period
      • – 1st round recruitment period: April 17 (Wed.) – April 23 (Tues.)
      • – 1st round recruitment announcement: April 24 (Wed.)
      • – 2nd round recruitment period: April 25 (Thurs.) – May 1 (Wed.)
      • – 2nd round recruitment announcement: May 2 (Thurs.)
        • ※ In the case that all vendor spots are filled in the first round, there will be no second round of recruitment.
    • Participants
      • 1) General merchandisers (50 teams)
      • 2) Local resident merchandisers (15 teams)
      • 3) Foreigners merchandisers (5 teams): individuals or business persons who sell accessories, postcards, props, and etc. while incorporating travelers’ spirit
    • Items provided
      • – 1 parasol (space width: 180cm±@), 1 table (1,800 x 600), 1 table cover, 2 plastic chairs,
        • ※ Items provided may be subject to change.
    • Application method
      • 1) Submit shop application
      • 2) Send compressed file with photos of goods that will be sold
        • – General merchandisers and foreigner merchandisers must compress their photos with the file name “[Story Market] Participant group_representative.zip” and send to email address below.
          • ※ Not applicable to local resident merchandisers
        • – Subject line of the email should be the same as that of the file
        • – Email should be sent to market@respace.co.kr
          • ※ Due to prioritized selection of seller types and categories of items, participation may be difficult for items with high application rates.
          • ※ Sales booths will be arbitrarily decided by the administrator according to operational factors.
          • ※ Detailed matters may be subject to change according to internal situations.
          • ※ Email address for inquiries: market@respace.co.kr