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  • Recruitment of 6,800 eco-friendly farms in Seoul for urban farmers

  • Press Releases SMG 183
    • 6,800 parcels of 15 eco-friendly farms near Seoul will be sold in lots on a first come, first served basis from February 1st (Monday)
    • 30,000 won per a farm will be supported by the city for rent, and agricultural materials such as seeds and seedlings and eco-friendly pest control
    • The city hopes citizens to grow and harvest healthy food on eco-friendly farms and overcome depression due to coronavirus

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January 28, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it will recruit participants from 15 suburbs of Seoul, including Namyangju City, on a first-come, firstserved basis from February 1 (Mon). Farms that have been sold are freely available from April to November.

    The city will provide participants with 30,000 won per section (16.5㎡) of farm rental fee and 50% of the purchase cost of small farming equipment. In accordance with the timing of crop cultivation, farming materials such as seedlings, seeds and compost will be provided free of charge in spring and autumn. Eco-friendly pest control will be carried out on farms so that
    novice participants can easily participate in urban agriculture.

    Seoul citizens and organizations with addresses in the city can apply for participation. Starting this year, the number of sections will be limited to up to three per person in order to provide many citizens with opportunities to participate.

    “I expect for urban farmers who grow and harvest healthy food by their own hands on ecofriendly farms,” said Kim Kwang-deok, director of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s urban agriculture division. “I hope citizens tired of COVID-19 will regain their vitality through natural leisure activities.”