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  • Recruitment Notice for the 2nd Seoul International Student Volunteers

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    From December 5, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been recruiting members for the 2nd Seoul International Student Volunteers. International students currently studying at colleges and graduate schools in Seoul are eligible to apply. There are 30 spaces available, and after the application evaluations and interviews, the finalists will be announced on January 14. International students who would like to apply can fill out an application (at the Seoul Global Centerhttp://global.seoul.go.kr)and send it to 、iti1245@seoul.go.kr。by December 17.

    • Website : Seoul Global Center http://global.seoul.go.kr
    • Period : Dec 5 – Dec 17, 2014
    • Recruitment :30 international students currently attending colleges and graduate schools in Seoul
    • Volunteering Term : Jan 20, 2015 – Jun 30, 2015 (6 months)
    • Special Privileges : KT (Private) Scholarship, KRW 2.5 million per student (Total KRW 75 million ))

    The 1st Seoul International Student Volunteers was made up of 50 international students from 28 countries, including Mongolia, Russia, and Nepal. The volunteers began their activities last July, and their term is due to end in December.

    So far, the volunteer program has been satisfactory for both the volunteers and communities. The volunteers have taught foreign language and culture classes at local children’s centers in Seoul and at an elementary school in Imja-do in South Jeolla Province, and participated in wall painting at the dosshouse town in Dongja-dong, Yongsan-gu. Also, the volunteers have provided opportunities for Koreans and foreigners to learn about different cultures and develop a better understanding of each other.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and KT, a private company, have agreed to cooperate with each other to fuel the virtuous cycle of “sharing” and foster talented individuals. KT plans to provide scholarships of KRW 2.5 million per person, a total of KRW 75 million, to deserving university students. Through KT’s online mentoring platform, “Dream School,” the volunteers will visit schools in Imja-do and Baengnyeong-do and teach foreign language and culture classes for children for six months, both on and offline.

    As Korean and international students participate in various activities to assist Korean citizens in need, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes that this program will help international students in Korea develop a sense of belonging as members of our society.

    < Pictures of the 1st Seoul International Student Volunteers >

    • Orientation
    • Volunteer Training
    • Volunteering at the Local Children’s Center
    • Wall Painting at the Dosshouse Town in Dongja-dong,