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  • Recruitment Announcement for Foreign Representatives to Create Policies for Foreign Residents with Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • SMG 4738


    Seoul Metropolitan Government is currently preparing to launch the Representative Assembly for Foreign Residents, made up of foreign residents who will create necessary policies related to foreigners living in Seoul. As this will be a practical organization representing foreign residents in Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government is currently recruiting 45 “foreign resident representatives” to lead the assembly.

    Through this assembly, the representatives will serve as policy advisors for Seoul Metropolitan Government, create necessary and practical policies for foreign residents, and participate in proposing, implementing, and inspecting all policies related to foreign residents in Seoul.

    The Representative Assembly for Foreign Residents will be the first of its kind in Korea, and will be officially launched on International Migrants Day (December 18, 2015), established by the UN. Over a three-year term, the representatives will listen to the public sentiments and opinions of local residents on a range of issues, including human rights, cultural diversity, improvement of living environments, and empowerment, and meet to discuss important agenda.

    ☞ Eligibility : Foreigners over 18 years of age who have lived in Korea more than one year and in Seoul more than 90 days
       ※ As a minimum verification of the applicant’s ability to serve as a representative, recommendations from at least 10 foreign residents are required.
    ☞ Recruitment period : Oct. 14-20, 2015
    ☞ Number of positions available : 45
    ☞ How to apply : www.seoul.go.kr
    ☞ Announcement date : Nov. 6, 2015 (tentative)