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  • Recruitment Announcement for TBS Local Government Contract Civil Servants

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    Seoul Traffic Broadcasting System is seeking competent and qualified candidates who can lead the new media era.

    December 23, 2010
    Director of Seoul TBS

    1. Qualifications

    Candidates must possess at least one qualification under the Stipulations on the Local Contract Civil Servants (see attached). He/she also must be excluded from the disqualification list of Article 31 of the Local Public Service Law.

    • A. Positions and Openings – 3 openings in 2 positions
      Position Opening Grade Job Description
      English FM
      1 C English FM news reporting, editing, broadcasting and other news reporting related matters
      1 D
      English FM
      1 E English FM program planning, production and operation

      ※ All foreigners are welcome to apply for the position of English FM producer(newscaster, producer).
      ※ In the absence of qualified candidates, the position(s) may not be filled.
      The candidates for the English FM producer(newscaster, producer) position will be interviewed in English for the evaluation of their competency in English.

    • B. Qualifications
      Only those who qualify under the “Stipulations on the Local Contract Civil Servants” (Visit TBS website (www.tbs.seoul.kr) for more information).

    2. Application Submission

    • A. Period: 09:00 ~ 18:00, January 5, 2011 ~ January 7, 2011
    • B. Location: TBS–Must submit in person (application by postal mail or email will not be accepted)

    3. Required Documents to be Submitted
    (※application form, resume form, written statement form, and statement of work experience form can be downloaded at TBS website.)

    • ① Completed application (application form with three recent ID photos affixed)…. 1
    • ② 4-year college transcript and graduation verification….1 copy, each
    • ③ Career Certificate and Licenses in relevant fields (original copy to be submitted)….1 each
    • ④ Resume with photo and personal statement….1 each
    • ⑤ Statement of work experience….1
    • ⑥ English proficiency test score….1
    • ⑦ Application fee : 7,000 won for grade C / 5,000 won for grade D, E

    4. Screening Process
    Initial screening based on submitted documents followed by an interview

    • – Document screening results to be announced on January 14, 2011
    • – interviews to be held on January 19, 2011
      ※ The candidates are interviewed in both English and Korean

    5. Final Results Annoucement : January 21, 2011 (scheduled)

    The list of candidates with qualifying test and interview scores will be posted on TBS website(www.tbs.seoul.kr)and will be notified individually when necessary.

    6. Attention for All Candidates

    • A. Submission by mail is not acceptable and all documents submitted are not returned. Any false statement will result in disqualification or dismissal.
    • B. Candidates are responsible for any disadvantage caused by errors, including any omission of information, applying for more than one position and/or unavailable for contact.
    • C. The maximum contract period is three years (with possibility of renewal within two years of contract) and the salary is based on the local government civil servants salary regulation.
    • D. For additional inquiries: Seoul Metropolitan Government TBS (02) 311-5221, 5224