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  • Recruiting Foreign Volunteers for Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ‘2020 Seoul Quality of Life Monitors’ Program

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    (To improve the lives of foreign residents in Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government is now recruiting foreign volunteers who are willing to provide suggestions about inconveniences in every aspect of their daily lives, such as those related to multi-cultural family affairs, legal and governmental policies.)

    □ Recruitment Overview

    • Application Period : 2020.01.21. ~ 2020.02.06.
    • Number of Recruits : 50
    • Qualifications for Application
      • – Monitoring Team
        ∙Foreigners or marriage immigrants (including naturalized citizens) who meet all of the requirements below :
        ① A minimum of 1 year residing in Seoul and an intermediate proficiency in either Korean or English
        ② Applicants with great interests and passion for Seoul
        ※ This activity is considered volunteer work and does not grant any special legal status.
        ※ Monitor members who become illegal immigrants at any time during the volunteer activity will automatically be dismissed.
      • – Translators
        ∙Translators who meet all of the requirements below :
        ① Korean Nationals living in Seoul having more than 2 years experience of translation from Korea to English and vice versa.
        ② One who has experience of attending activities of foreigners and can actively participate in various programs related to foreigners.
    • Documents to Submit
      • Requirement
        1. 1. Application Form 1
        2. 2. Copy of valid photo identification/front and back
      • – Option : Certificate for Korean Ability, Certificate of Monitoring Experience etc.
    • How to Apply : global_intern@seoul.go.kr
      Submit the application documents by email
    • Notification of Results : 2020.2.18.
      • – For applicants who met the criteria, the selection will be based on your application motive, relevant experiences and future plan.

    ※ If you have any question please contact us by 02-2133-5077

    □ Program Outline

    • Program Duration : 2020. 3. 2. ~ 2020. 11. 31.
    • Support Details
      • – Monitors will receive a fixed monetary compensation for their activities
      • Payment Details for ‘Seoul Quality of Life Monitors’ Program
      Seoul Quality of Life Monitors Program
      Classification Payment Amount (won) pay standard
      Submission of Assigned Topic 30,000 ※ Limited to three reports per quarter of one year
      Submission of Team Topic 50,000 ※ Limited to two reports per quarter of one year
      Charge for translation 20,000 1 report, 1 person

    □ The others

    • Do not submit individual Topic
    • Team will be made at Orientation and the interests list in the application will be considered for lineup
    • Payment Period : Payment will be give by quarter of year in June, September, December
    • Have no Letter of a Appointment, give a Certificate of completion
      Monitors will receive a Certificate of completion if meet all of the requirements below
      1. Must attend Orientation
      2. Monitors will receive a Certificate of completion if submit above 1 reports in quarter of year and 5 reports in one year
    • Major Events
      Major Events
      Events name Date/Period
      ▸ Orientation and Capacity building education 2020. 2. 27
      ▸ the First Meeting July
      ▸ the Second Meeting and Closing Ceremony November

    ※ The above schedule is subject to change.