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  • Recommend Candidates for Seoul Foreign Honorary Citizens Who Have Contributed to Seoul’s Development

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    Until June 30, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will receive recommendations of candidates for foreign honorary citizens of Seoul, and will select ten people who have set an outstanding example for Seoulites and foreign residents of the City.

    Foreign Honorary Citizenship will be awarded to foreign residents who have made major contributions to the development of the city’s administration or set an outstanding example for Seoul’s citizens and foreign residents (on condition that they have lived in the City for three consecutive years or more than five years in total). It will also be awarded to foreign heads of state and chief executives of governments who visit the capital city, and diplomats. So far, 649 foreigners from 91 countries have been honored as “Foreign Honorary Citizens” of Seoul, including 171 Americans, 41 Japanese, 30 Chinese, 31 Germans, and 24 Britons.

    Coach Guus Hiddink (2002), 2010 Winners of the Foreign Honorary Citizens Award

    Suzanne Scholte, chief of the Defense Forum Foundation (2008),Vitaly Ignatenko, director general of the ITAR TASS News Agency (2010)

    Peter Bartholomew (2010), Hines Ward (2006), Jackie Chan (1999)

    Famous foreigners who have received foreign honorary citizenship include Vitaly Ignatenko, director general of the ITAR TASS News Agency (2010); Suzanne Scholte, chief of the Defense Forum Foundation (2008); Hines Ward, American footballer (2006); Guus Hiddink, the football coach who led the Korean soccer team to the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup Korea-Japan (2002); and actor Jackie Chan (1999).

    Those selected as Seoul Foreign Honorary Citizens are not only invited to various events hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, but also have the opportunity to proactively participate in city administrations through appointments as members of city administration committees, including the Seoul Town Meeting. They are also admitted to various facilities, including the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Seoul Museum of History, and Seoul Grand Park, free of charge.

    Notably, the City Government plans to proactively support the honorary citizens’ community and to help them participate in the city administration, thereby enhancing their pride and sense of ownership as honorary citizens.

    The City Government expects that the selection of foreign honorary citizens will help to globalize Seoul, elevate its status as an advanced city, and promote international exchange and cooperation.

    After receiving applications recommending candidates from public organizations, social organizations with ten or more members, or by groups composed of ten or more individuals (deadline: June 30), the City Government will review the candidates’ contributions in July and choose the finalists in August, before conferring honorary citizenship on the selected candidates on October 28.

    For further information, please visit the Seoul Friendly Club Website (http://ilove.seoul.go.kr)