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  • Re-Opening of Seoul’s Major Social Enterprise Market “Deoksugung Fair Shop”

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    The major social enterprise market of Seoul, ‘Deoksugung Fair Shop’ is reopening at Deoksugung Stone Wall Path after the summer vacation season from Thursday, August 31st.

    ‘Deoksugung Fair Shop’ in the second half of 2017 will open on Thursday, August 31st to Saturday, November 4th (except in October) on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (from 11 am to 6 pm) at Deoksugung Stone Wall Path that starts from Daehanmun Gate to the circular water fountain. The ‘Deoksugung Picnic’ event where visitors can enjoy various experiences will also be held together with the market on every Saturday from September 9th.

    The Cultural Railway Project can be summed up as a combination of Art and Culture Space free of commercial advertisements, Art Station where users can encounter high quality art works in stations, and the Running Series involving a themed train.

    ‘Deoksugung Fair Shop’ that opened in 2014 is a marketplace where social enterprises, young business leaders, women-led companies, and craft artists can introduce and sell their products to the visitors of Deoksugung Stone Wall Path. The market has been receiving good responses from visitors since it also provides a good opportunity for the visitors to look around and purchase products of social enterprises that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

    Furthermore, the city plans to block vehicles from entering Deoksugung Stone Wall Path and create a pedestrian-only street during the ‘Deoksugung Picnic’ event every Saturday from September 9th to allow visitors to take a safe and relaxing stroll on the street. The event will be prepared with quizzes on social and economic issues, traditional attire that visitors can try on, ceramic-making classes, and more for families and foreign tourists to experience our culture and naturally understand the social and economic status of Korea.

    There will also be music performances including acoustic and clarinet performances at 12:20 pm in addition to magic shows at 3 pm across the parking lot of Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building.

    Deoksugung Stone Wall Path where Deoksugung Fair Shop takes place has been operated as a ‘pedestrian-only street’ starting from April 2017 (11 am – 2 pm on weekdays, 10 am – 5 pm on Saturdays). Therefore, visitors who are driving will have to make a detour around Jeongdong-gil.

    Operation of Deoksugung ‘Pedestrian-Only Street’

    Operation of Deoksugung ‘Pedestrian-Only Street’

    Operation of Deoksugung ‘Pedestrian-Only Street’