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  • Re-introducing Seoul with Cultural Art Performances

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is accepting applications for participation in cultural art performances and exhibitions as part of its 2012 Seoul Global Marketing Program, which aims to introduce the attractions and city brand of Seoul as a city of culture, particularly through those that are already in the limelight in other countries, until February 13 this year.

    ‘Nanta’ Japan Tour, June 2011, ‘Korean Fantasy’ Performance in China, April 2011

    The Seoul Global Marketing Program has been run since 2008 as a new concept of city marketing in which the Seoul Metropolitan Government sets up a marketing booth at musical and dance events hosted in other countries as a means of on- and offline promotion among local tourists.

    The selected cultural art companies will be awarded up to 30 million won by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for their contribution to attracting foreign tourists and improving the image of Seoul as a city of culture, and will also have the chance to promote the city brand along with the Seoul Metropolitan Government at overseas events.

    In 2011, a total of twelve cultural and art performance companies were selected, including Nanta, Jump, Sachoom, Korean Fantasy, and Noreum Machi, all of which went on a tour in thirteen countries including the US, China, and France to promote Seoul.

    Korean Fantasy also participated in the Liaoning Arts Festival in April 2011, and the tickets were sold out for all of their five performances, which is quite a feat considering it’s the biggest festival in Northeast China.