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  • “Radical Futures Conference,” Gathering of Asian Youths to Discuss Social Issues in Seoul

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    Youths from seven countries who have taken the lead to solve a variety of social problems in their fields will gather in Seoul. These young people are called “activist researchers,” discovering and defining social issues, taking actions to solve the problems, and organizing the process and results that will be disseminated.

    ○ Activist researchers are both activists and researchers. They study the social issues that they experience living in cities and, based on these studies, lead social movements to solve the problems, on-site.

    They will share their activities and experiences through presentations and discussions on topics like climate change, digital citizenship, and more.

    The Seoul Youth Hub, the Seoul Institute, and the Korea Youth Foundation will be holding the “AYARF (Asia Young Activist Researcher Fellowship) Radical Futures Conference” in the Multicultural Hall of the Seoul Youth Hub at 10 a.m. on January 6, 2020 (Mon.).

    The AYARF is a platform for exchange and collaboration between youths from Asian countries that will be launched through this conference. 20 youths from seven Asian countries, including South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Vietnam, will participate as fellows and work in various fields, including environment, technology, and more.

    The AYARF is a community for problem-solving that was organized based on the idea that the existing methods are not the way to tackle the multi-layered social problems occurring in Asian cities. Seoul is expecting that the paradigm-shifting ideas and practices of the young people will create social changes of a whole new level.

    The conference will be composed of two parts under the theme, “Paradigm-shifting Ideas for the Future Rights of Youths.” In part one, Radical Actions, a keynote speech and discussion, will take place on the issues of Asia, youths, and cities. In part two, Radical Voices, there will be a presentation by the AYARF fellows on their plans for research and activities.

    Any citizen who is interested can participate in the Radical Futures Conference. Enrollment is accepted on the website of the Seoul Youth Hub (www.youthhub.kr) or the AYARF (www.ayarf.net).