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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • R16 Final Championship in Seoul

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1247

    All my Bboys and Bgirls lalaalalalalaaa Wow, I can barely believe it\\\\\\\’s been almost 2 months since I said goodbye, to be quite honest; I\\\\\\\’ve been blogging in my head for over 2 weeks, seems like every time I try to take a break from blogging, my brain explodes with Posts ideas lol. I\\\\\\\’m coming back because I finally did something more interesting than going out with friends (although a Bday celebration post will be coming soon!). I was invited to the R16 Final Championship in Seoul, R16 Stands for Respect for the 16 countries that participate in it and is an annual international b-boy tournament and urban arts cultural festival sponsored mainly by the KTO and the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The Festival was first held in 2007 in Seoul. The 2008 event took place in Suwon, 2009 was in Incheon and back in 2010 was brought back to Seoul. Korean-American b-boy, singer, rapper, Jay Park has been the Official Ambassador since 2011. Click to continue reading….