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  • Publication of Seoul Edition of Time Out, One of World’s Top 3 Tour Guides

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    The Seoul edition of Time Out, which is widely recognized as one of the world’s top three travel guidebooks, will be published in the U.K.

    Cover of Time Out Seoul , Contents in Time Out Seoul

    The Time Out travel book series presents tourism information by city and introduces readers to the cultural charms of the featured cities. Notably, it is also famous for introducing “emerging tourism hotspots” to young tourists.

    Introducing makgeolli, a type of rice wine widely enjoyed by Koreans, as ‘Makgeolli Magic’, the Time Out Seoul edition presents detailed information on the current vogue for makgeolli among young people and attempts to explain its taste.

    Renowned for its worldwide prestige, Time Out Seoul also introduces the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Seoul, including Changdeokgung, Jongmyo, the history and traditional culture of Korea, and explains how to enjoy Seoul’s past and present at once.

    The book also presents special information on sites and activities that allow visitors to enjoy Seoul to the maximum, including the “Rapid Tailoring of Suits”, and “Experiencing Hanok Ondol”.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been running a program to support the publication of Seoul editions of famous foreign travel guides since 2008. As a result, seven different guidebooks have been published in various languages, including English, French, and Chinese, and are on sale via online and offline bookstores worldwide.