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  • Publication of I·Seoul·U Guide (Ver. 3.1)

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    SeoulBrand I SEOUL U Guide Ver.3.1

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it has published the I·Seoul·U Guide (Ver. 3.1) to encourage the private sector to use the city’s brand “I·Seoul·U.” The guide suggests ways of utilizing I·Seoul·U for private companies developing Seoul-branded products, and contains applied designs and cases of collaboration.

    I·Seoul·U Guide (Ver. 3.1) contains three categories: Basic, Application, and Public Utilization. “Basic” provides the framework for I·Seoul·U, such as its value, meaning and rules, and various graphic designs that can be applied to products.

    Graphic design includes icons, typographies and patterns that show I·Seoul·U and collaborations with artists. In particular, there are also illustrations of symbolic spots of Seoul, including Gwanghwamun Gate and N Seoul Tower.

    I SEOUL Uillustrations and themed visual designs

    I SEOUL U illustrations and themed visual designs

    If you use the collaboration designs on the guide, you should also include the name of the artist. If you use them for a commercial purpose, you should consult the artist in advance through the intermediation of the person in charge of the brand of the SMG.

    “Application” includes various applied graphic designs that are introduced to products, such as postcards and eco-bags, as well as the real product design of companies that participated in the commercialization of the Seoul brand.

    I SEOUL Ucollaboration with artists

    I SEOUL U collaboration with artists
    Graphic Source Sculpture Pop Art Motion Graphic
    Graphic Source Sculpture Pop Art Motion Graphic

    “Public Utilization” introduces ways of applying for the permission of use of the Seoul brand, encouraging the private companies to use the guide. You can apply for the use of the brand of the SMG on its official website (brand.seoul.go.kr) (“Promotion” → “Apply for the use of the Seoul brand”). The SMG expects that a great number of private companies will use I·Seoul·U as it is a citizens’ brand that can be used for profit/non-profit purposes on condition that it is used respecting the social conventions and dignity of Seoul.

    The SMG has plans to expand the “I·Seoul·U Partners” program, which it initiated in 2019 for promoting the Seoul brand and supporting the creation of added value of the private companies, into the “Seoul Brand Partners” project. I·Seoul·U Guide (Ver. 3.1) has been distributed online/offline to offices, bureaus, departments and affiliated organizations of the SMG. Citizens can visit the website and download the e-book version of the guide as well as image files.