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  • Publication of Guide for Safe Travel In Seoul in English, Chinese, and Japanese — Your Reliable Travel Partner

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    Seoul is making efforts to become a “tourism safety guardian” as the importance of safe travel from natural disasters, infection of diseases, and danger of terrors is on the rise. In this regard, Seoul published the Guide for Safe Travel in Seoul that contains the key safety information for tourists.

    The Guide for Safe Travel in Seoul, the first of its kind that Seoul has published for tourists, draws our attention since it includes practical instructions that reflect the seasonal and environmental traits of the city. For domestic and foreign tourists visiting Seoul, it was written and published in four languages (Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese).

    The Guide for Safe Travel in Seoul is characterized by the high readability as its main contents are delivered with simple illustrations and high portability with its foldable layout. Considering the usability in real situations, a QR code is also inserted so that users can check the detailed information on the mobile app or the website.

    With the Guide for Safe Travel in Seoul, Seoul will enable domestic and foreign tourists who visit Seoul to recognize that Seoul is a safe city for travel and aggressively promote “Seoul, the City You Want to Revisit.”
    ○ The Guide for Safe Travel in Seoul will be distributed in major spots frequented by tourists, such as Incheon International Airport and major tourist information centers. It is also downloadable from the website of Seoul Tourism (www.visitseoul.net).