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Global Seoul - Mate Notice

  • Public Recruitment of 2014 Global Seoul-Mates

  • Global Seoul - Mate Notice SMG 6543


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is looking to foreign applicants, from within and beyond Korea, to become 2014 Global Seoul-Mates. Global Seoul-Mates is a publicity delegation driven to produce Seoul-specific promotional content in the form of text, photos, videos, and pictures that will grab the online community and introduce it to the charms of Seoul. Through your enthusiastic participation, Seoul will become one with the citizens of the world.

    • Recruitment Date: May 16, 2014 – May 26, 2014
    • Eligibility: anyone can apply if they love Seoul and want to let the world know of the charms of Seoul (preference will be given to those with an established presence in non-Korean SNS channels, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and others).
    • How to Apply: sign-up on the official website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and fill out relevant the “Global Seoul-Mate Application” below.

       ◎ Role of Global Seoul-Mates

    • Promote and disseminate information about Seoul by using text, photos, videos and pictures showcased through the platforms of the official website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, SNS, and other channels.
    • Actively disseminate and the highlight the Seoul-specific news and other forms of foreigner-specific information posted on the official website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Participate in “missions” assigned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Actively participate in various events hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Offer suggestions to make Seoul a city of happiness.

       ◎ Benefits of Becoming a Global Seoul-Mate

    • Chance to participate in Global Seoul-Mates “missions” and to receive gifts.
    • Chance to attend offline meetings if selected as an exemplary Seoul-Mate.
    • Receive a certificate of appointment as a Seoul-Mate together with incentives from the government and related private businesses.
    • Given priority to participate in overseas marketing promotional events hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Chance to promote the Seoul-Mate personal SNS by linking it with “My Global Seoul-Mate Community” on the foreign language website for the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Given the right to use the Global Seoul-Mate symbol on your personal SNS.
    • Chance to become an exemplary Seoul-Mate after a year and to become a Seoul-Mate in the following year.