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  • Public Phone Booths changed into Safe Phone Booths

  • Press Releases SMG 3694

    – Seoul to renovate old public phone booths and turn them into a safe phone booths and ATM
    – The phone booth, near Pungmoon Girl’s High School in Bukchon Hanok Village designated Seoul’s Safe Phone booth No.1
    – Scheduled to install around fifty Safe phone booths with KT Linkus by the end of the year.
    – Old phone booths also to be renovated into electric vehicle charging stations and AED

    The public phone booths where people used to whisper their love and take shelter from the rain have been gradually disappeared and the few remaining booths has been neglected due to the universal use of mobile phones.

    Seoul Metropolitan City has announced that old and neglected public phone booths has been renovated into the Safe Phone Booths to take refuge from the dangers of crime and the public phone booth, near Pungmoon Girl’s High School in Bukchon Hanok Village, has been designated Seoul’s safe phone booth no.1 on October 24.

    Safe Phone Booth will automatically lock its door when people came into and report a crime, then a siren goes off and an alarm light turns on for the emergent help. It will keep its role as a public phone while performing the public security and convenience. It has a modern design, consulted by Seoul Design Committee.

    It also can be a new way to help police find criminals through CCTV and smart media with the facial recognition system. It will be directly linked to the local police force automatically in near future.
    Moreover, free WIFI will be available near the kiosk and people can surf the internet through the touch screen in the booth and ATM will be installed as well.

    Seoul City and the public phone service provider, KT Linkus are planning to change around fifty old phone booths into the new Safe booths by the end of the year. In the long term, Seoul will downsize its size by benchmarking Ney York’s Pole type phone booth, and provide several additional services such as free WIFI, free mobile phone battery charging service and others.

    Besides Safe Booth, the number of other type of booths, such as electronic car charging station or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) included, have been increased recently, and this AED equipped phone box was used for saving a citizen’s life in a real emergency situation.

    “We are protecting citizen’s safety by replacing the old phone booths with the new safe booths, and it helps to keep Pedestrian right of way. With the regular maintenance, we will keep the street safe and clean.” said Kim JunKi, Head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Urban Safety Headquarters.