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  • Public Bicycle Ttareungi

    00:00:08 Hello.
    00:00:10 I’m looking around Gyeongbokgung Palace today.
    00:00:14 The weather is so nice!
    00:00:16 Now we’re going to ride ‘Ttareungi,’ a public bicycle.
    00:00:20 This is where you can rent Ttareungi
    00:00:24 near Gyeongbokgung palace.
    00:00:25 This is Ttareungi, Korea’s public bicycle.
    00:00:31 It’s all rented out because the weather is nice today.
    00:00:33 It’s all empty here. We only have three now.
    00:00:40 Wow~ It’s sunny!
    00:00:44 The weather is fine!
    00:00:45 I’m out of the Gyeongbokgung Palace now,
    00:00:49 so let’s ride a bike along the wall.
    00:00:55 Gyeongbokgung Palace reminds me of the Palace Museum in Beijing.
    00:01:01 It is a public bicycle with a 24-hour unmanned system that can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere in Seoul.
    00:01:06 ‘Ttareungi’ has been implemented to solve traffic jams, air pollution, and high oil prices. It aims to improve citizen’s health and the quality of life.
    00:01:16 There are a lot of tourists here
    00:01:18 and everyone is wearing hanbok.
    00:01:21 The Korean man over there is wearing traditional clothes
    00:01:24 like a warrior from the Joseon Dynasty.
    00:01:27 It’s so interesting.
    00:01:28 Many visitors are taking a picture with them.
    00:01:37 I’ve just returned the bicycle.
    00:01:41 Today, I took a ride around Gyeongbokgung Palace
    00:01:45 and watched a traditional Korean performance.
    00:01:50 It was very interesting.
    00:01:52 Next time when you come to Seoul, you should try ‘Ttareungi!’
    00:01:56 The scenery looks so different when you ride it.
    00:01:58 So, It’s all for today! Bye Bye~
    00:02:03 The number of ‘Ttareungi’ users has more than doubled every year since 2015.
    Especially in 2019, the number of users jumped 88% year-on-year with an average of 51,929 users per day and 570,000 newly registered Ttareungi members.
    00:02:10 Foreigners are also using ‘Ttareungi’ at tourist attractions in Seoul.
    You can rent a bike using Ttareungi mobilie app or website(bikeseoul.com).
    The rental fee is 1,000 won per hour and after 1 hour, additional 200 won will be charged every five minutes.