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Global Seoul Mate Activities


  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 840

    SPREAD the word PSY BIG EVENT this May 23, 2013 until June 2, 2013 and you will get a chance to win these prizes • 1st Prize: Samsung Camera NX300 1 person
    • 2nd Prize: Flower Box 10 people.
    ■ How to Participate :
    1. Login to the buzz KOREA site. Register first if you are not a member yet.
    2. Post the URL of this event page at your SNS and tell people about the upcoming “PSY” big event.
    3. Leave the link of your SNS post and comments about the expectation of this big event on the box at the bottom of this page. heres the link ===%3E http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/eng/event/psy_teaser/