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  • “Proud Korean Restaurants in Seoul,” Are Now Searchable with E-books and Smartphones

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    Tourists who seek to visit “Recommended Korean Restaurants in Seoul,” which are traditional Korean restaurants that are representative in the city, can now find an updated e-book to find these restaurants at Seoul’s flagship tour site, “i Tour Seoul (www.visitseoul.net),” and food safety information portal (fsi.seoul.go.kr).

    People can also find “Recommended Korean Restaurants in Seoul” in their e-book via the smartphone application “i Tour Seoul” (for iPhone and Android phones as well).

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to create an e-book, and reinforce their online promotion in an effort to better cater to the needs of foreign visitors and Korean nationals, who seek information on upscale Korean restaurants amidst the current “hallyu,” or the “Korean Wave,” which includes K-pop and dramas.

    The city’s government will also compile information on ” Recommended Korean Restaurants” by late August to enable people to conveniently search for information on internet portal sites.

    The city’s government will also make it possible for people to search for “Recommended Korean Restaurants” with key words such as “Dining” or “restaurants” on internet portal sites for a certain period of time, to allow not only Korean nationals but foreigners who seek to visit Korea to easily find related information.

    How to search on the website

    1. Visit i Tour Seoul(www.visitseoul.net), and click “Dining”

    2. Click on “Recommended Korean Restaurants” at “Dining”