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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • Protecting 10 million citizens Be the bastion of security

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1227

    Completion Ceremony of the Seoul Veterans’ Association building refurbishment
    Date: October 21st, 2014
    Venue: the Seoul Veterans’ Association, Jongno

    Honorable members of the Seoul Veterans’ Association! Hello! It is great to be here! I am Park Wonsoon, the mayor of Seoul. With Armed Forces Day (10.1) and Veterans’ Day (10.8) in October it is a great privilege to be with you to commemorate the complete refurbishment of the Seoul Veterans’ Association building with all of you in the heart of Seoul, Jongno. I offer my sincere congratulations.

    I appreciate the presence of the secretary general of Veterans’ Association Lee Sun Min, lawmaker Jun Byung Hun, lawmaker Na Kyung Won, the former Minister of National Defense Lee Sang Hoon, the head of Seoul Regional Office of Patriots & Veterans’ Affairs Ahn Jung Hyun, city councilor Kim Jin Soo, and distinguished guests.

    As you can see, the 40-year-old Veterans’ Association building has become a gorgeous venue through the latest refurbishment. It will play a key role in civic security education. Seoul city will provide sustainable supports to enhance citizens’ national security consciousness.

    Since its establishment in 1952, The Veterans’ Association has been a leader of defending freedom and peace and has been devoted to security and safety. When you were in the military, you served the country as an active soldier. After completion of military service, you are serving both the nation and your communities. You have fully fulfilled your role as a bastion of local security and civilian safety.

    I believe the freedom, peace, democracy, and economic development that we currently enjoy come from your heartfelt patriotism as you work hard to secure the safety in your community. Respected members of the Seoul Veterans’ Association, I can truly understand the meaning of the saying, ‘Patriotism is not just love for your country, but love towards the people who sacrificed themselves to the nation.’

    Seoul took the initial step as a municipal government in 2012, when we established the Seoul Comprehensive Veteran Affairs Plan. The plan contains financial and medical aid alongside rental housing and cultural activities to maintain the honor of the veterans of Seoul.

    Despite these advances, the work we have done leaves much to be desired; we must be more proactive in drawing from various places for support. The city will take a lead to inspire our future generations with patriotism.

    I appreciate your hard work and wish the best for the Korea Veterans’ Association and the Seoul Veterans’ Association. From the bottom of my heart, I hope for the refurbished veterans’ building becomes a symbolic bastion of security protecting the 10 million people in the capital. I wish you happiness and health always. Thank you.