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  • Promotion of the Present and Future of Seoul Transportation in the Era of COVID-19 on the Global Stage

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    Transforming Transportation All-Virtual February 3-5, 2021 #TTDC21 Reimagining Saft And Resilient Mobilty For Recovery

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will be promoting the successful response of Seoul’s transportation in the face of COVID-19 as a solution to make a safe city in the era of COVID-19, and seeking for ways of establishing a safe and efficient transportation system at Transforming Transportation 2021 under the theme of “Reimagining Safe and Resilient Mobility for Recovery” from Wed, Feb. 3 to Fri, Feb. 5, 2021.

    Transforming Transportation 2021 comprises six plenary sessions under six themes, twelve high-level technical sessions, and a knowledge exhibition. At the plenaries, the leaders of each field will make a presentation on major issues under the themes, and at the technical sessions, top scholars and high-ranking officials will discuss and share opinions on major issues.

    * Six themes of Transforming Transportation 2021

    ① Leader’s perspectives and insights on the crisis: Roundtable of mayors

    ② Safe and healthy journeys: The intersection of transport and health

    ③ Financial resilience: From survivability to sustainability

    ④ Supply chains under stress: Rethinking logistics and the role of digital platforms

    ⑤ The imminent crisis ahead: Mobility under a changing climate

    ⑥ Looking forward: Transport as a motor for change

    In this event, the SMG will be holding technical sessions under the theme of “Looking forward: Transport as a motor for change,” together with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) and the Korea Transport Institute. During the sessions, Korean experts will be joined by transportation experts from the OECD and World Bank to discuss the future of transportation and about green innovation in the age of the “new normal.”

    President Oh Jae-hak of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) will host the sessions as moderator. Director Kang Jin-dong of the SMG’s Transport Operation Division, Professor Hwang Gi-yeon of Hongik University, and Director Lee Chang-gi of the MOLIT’s Advanced Vehicles Division will be participating in the sessions as part of the Korean panel. Mr. Stephen Perkins, the OECD International Transport Forum’s Head of the Joint Transport Research Centre and Ms. Almud Weitz, the World Bank’s Practice Manager for Transport in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, will be participating as part of the visiting panel.

    Under the theme of “Future Mobility for the 4th Revolution & Non-contact Era,” the panel will share not only examples of responses to COVID-19, but professional knowledge and insights on current issues, such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and eco-friendly mobility.

    Director Kang will introduce how the city of Seoul responded to COVID-19 with cases that are considered internally and externally as excellent along with the changes and trends of Seoul’s transportation in the future.

    Transforming Transportation 2021 will be streamed live online via World Bank Live (https://live.worldbank.org/) and you can pre-register and get more information on the official event website (https://www.transformingtransportation.org/).