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  • Promoting the Creation of “Urban Wind Path Forests” that Send Clean and Cool Air from the Forest to the City

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 2538

    Forests will be created along rivers and roads that open a “wind path” so that the clean and cool air generated at night from Gwanaksan Mountain and Bukhansan Mountain can flow into the city center of Seoul.

    An air purification path will be created by planting trees that boast the effect of reducing particulate matter, such as pine trees and maple trees, along the path through which wind passes.

    Seoul announced that it will accelerate the creation of the “Urban Wind Path Forests” in the ▴Gwanaksan Mountain-Anyangcheon area and ▴Buhansan Mountain-Uicheon area.

    Seoul plans to start creating the forests in November in cooperation with the Korea Forest Service and complete them by the end of 2021.

    Each “Urban Wind Path Forest” will be one of three types: ① “Wind-generating Forest” that directs the fresh air of the forest to flow towards the city center, ② “Connecting Forest” with air-purifying plants along a path connecting the forest to the city center, and ③ “Stepping/Spreading Forest” created in the city center, such as parks and greened rooftops and walls.

    Particulate matter-reducing species designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, such as wild cherry trees and oak trees, will be planted in the “Connecting Forests.” The leaves absorb particulate matter while the branches and tree trunks block the moving particulate matter.

    A more refreshing river forest

    “Wind-generating Forests” will be created by planting tree species that reduce particulate matter and generating a wind path through “forest cultivation” so that the air from the forest can flow down towards the city center.

    Wind-creating forest where fresh wind is generated

    “Stepping/Spreading Forests” use parks or the exterior walls of buildings in the city center to create a small-sized forest and generate a breeze using temperature differences.

    Street-side Forest that creates clean wind

    Through “Urban Wind Path Forests,” Seoul aims to attract and spread air from the forests outside the city into the city center to promote air circulation, reduce particulate matter, and minimize the heat island phenomenon while also creating a pleasant green environment.