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[2012] Mayor’s Speech

  • Promoting citizens’ happiness serves to protect their human rights

  • [2012] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1801

    At the inauguration ceremony of the Seoul Metropolitan City Human Rights Commission

    Date: November 27, 2012
    Venue: Conference Room of the Seoul City Hall

    I am very pleased to witness the launch of the Seoul Metropolitan City Human Rights Commission with the attendance of human rights leaders and experts. The purpose of this event is to inaugurate the Commission, and it also serves as a meaningful step toward achieving the ideal of “Seoul, a Human Rights City”.

    While I was campaigning for the position of mayor of Seoul, I announced the “Seoul Citizens Rights Declaration” at an event at Gwanghwamun Square. So many citizens from various walks of life came out to celebrate the event that day.

    It is important to protect and promote the human rights of our citizens, and it is the duty of the mayor to do so. All the responsibilities and duties of the Seoul Metropolitan Government—such as the innovation of legal and administrative systems, expansion of universal welfare, improvement of the standard of living, and achievement of economic growth for the prosperity of all citizens—play a part in expanding our citizens’ human rights. In other words, promoting the happiness of the citizens also serves to protect their human rights.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government created a human rights team earlier this year, and after the organizational restructuring in September, the team was expanded to form the Human Rights Division. The Human Rights Committee and Citizens’ Human Rights Officer, which serves as a citizen ombudsman, were operated as well. In addition, the human rights ordinance that provided for the implementation framework, such as human rights education, was promulgated and published, and a basic plan for human rights, which will be a blueprint for the human rights policy of Seoul Metropolitan City, is currently being drafted.

    Last July, a diverse spectrum of citizens’ opinions on Seoul’s human rights policy was collected, and in order to reflect these views and suggestions in our municipal administration and develop and implement policies that promote the human rights of our citizens, I need the solid support of the members of the Human Rights Commission. I look forward to your interest and assistance in laying the solid groundwork for the promotion of human rights in Seoul Metropolitan City. Thank you.