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  • Professor Michael J. Sandel and Mayor Park Won Soon discuss justice

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    On December 5, Professor Michael J. Sandel of Harvard University, who has unleashed a whirlwind of justice, met with Mayor Park Won Soon at the Seoul City Hall. Mayor Park presented him with a certificate entitling him to be an honorary Seoul Citizen.

    Professor Michael J. Sandel became a professor at Harvard University at the age of 27 in 1980. At the time, this made him the youngest faculty member at the university. He has taught political philosophy. His lectures on justice have enjoyed popularity as the best lecture among students for 20-plus years. A total of 14,000 students have attended his lectures.

    At the meeting, Mayor Park introduced the “justice” philosophy, vision, and policies of Seoul City to Professor Sandel and exchanged in-depth views with him about the forms of justice and common good that are applicable to the lives of people.

    Mayor Park presented a booklet titled ‘Justice & Citizen Rights in Seoul’ to Professor Sandel. The booklet was specially edited for Professor Sandel to use as a reference material in his lectures and contains 19 specific cases of putting justice philosophy into practice in Seoul City’s public administration, including efforts to invigorate small-sized neighborhood stores, cutting college tuition fees by half, turning non-regular workers into regular ones, etc.

    Mayor Park also presented Professor Sandel with a certificate that entitles him to become an honorary Seoul Citizen, as he proposed at a forum in 2013.

    Commenting on Professor Sandel’s special lecture, Mayor Park said, “I expect that his lecture given at the Seoul City Hall will serve as an occasion to find a link between public administration and justice. We at Seoul City will continue to listen to diverse opinions in order to realize our goal of ‘justice administration.’”