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  • Private Parking Lots to be Included in the ‘Seoul Parking Info’ App

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    Private Parking Lots to be Included in the ‘Seoul Parking Info’ App

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will expand the scope of application for Seoul Parking Information, an app that allows real-time spot availability check at parking lots without having to visit the location, to include private parking lots. The Seoul Parking Information app is a smartphone application provided by the SMG since February 2014 that checks the status of parking lots in Seoul anytime.

    Parking Cloud, a privately-owned company, provides real-time parking status information of private parking lots in Seoul to Seoul Parking Information and manages the system, and in return, the SMG offers a 10% discount under the ‘Traffic Congestion Fine’ to parking lots that volunteer their information.

    Allotment to Traffic Congestion Causing: A system that imposes an allotment to traffic congestion causing to owners of facilities that exceed a certain size and cause traffic congestion as a means to improve urban traffic. The allotment to traffic congestion causing is reduced when the facility owner participates in a traffic reduction program.

    The newly expanded Seoul Parking Information app will provide more comprehensive information to users including information on private parking lots in addition to public parking lots.

    The SMG is expecting successful implementation and an increase in resident parking convenience from the expanded service including efficient use of existing parking space, reduction in the circling time for parking and prevention of illegal parking. The expanded real-time parking information service will start trial-operation in September 2017 and become available to the public starting in November.