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  • Private Investment Projects around Jamsil Sports Complex Set to Pick up Steam

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    The “International Exchange Complex” project, which will build a global MICE hub around Jamsil Sports Complex and COEX, is set to pick up steam.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will create a global MICE hub, where exhibitions, conventions, sports, entertainment and waterside cultural leisure will exist in harmony, in the southeast area (from COEX to Jamsil Sports Complex) of Seoul by 2025.

    Seoul had announced “the master plan for regions around Jamsil Sports Complex and the guideline for each facility” and suggested the basic direction that infrastructure projects, such as the main stadium, roads and rivers should be public-led, and basic facilities projects such as exhibition and convention facilities, hotels and base-ball parks should be private-led.

    Seoul will conduct a feasibility study and carry out legal procedures after review by the “International Exchange Complex Promotion Committee” and discussions with residents. Seoul plans to start construction in stages from 2019 and aims to complete construction in 2025.