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  • Prime Minister of Sweden Awarded Honorary Citizenship of Seoul

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    Celebrating 60 years of friendly relations between the two countries, Seoul awarded the Prime Minister of Sweden, who was visiting Korea for three days (Dec. 18-20), with honorary citizenship at 9 a.m. on the 19th (Thurs.) in the Mayor’s Office.
    Prior to the award ceremony, Mayor Park Won-soon and the Prime Minister of Sweden plan to seek cooperative measures on smart city policies that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with eco-friendly policies and those that can be executed in reaction to climate change–both of which are common interests of the two cities.

    Following the award ceremony, Mayor Park Won-soon will personally give a demonstration of the “Digital Mayor’s Office” – a platform that sparked the interests of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the economic delegation. As the symbol and key component of Smart City Seoul, the “Digital Mayor’s Office” is Seoul’s representative commodity that will be introduced to global innovation businesses at next year’s CES 2020.

    Mayor Park Won-soon stated, “Awarding Prime Minister Stefan Löfven with honorary citizenship in celebration of the 60th anniversary of friendly relations between South Korea and Sweden carries a very special meaning. We will exchange expertise and experiences in various areas including actions against climate change and smart city policies. There is an old proverb that says, ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ It is my hope that today’s meeting will accelerate exchanges between Seoul and Sweden in addition to enhancing exchanges and cooperation from various angles.”

    Prime Minister of Sweden Awarded Honorary Citizenship of Seoul
    Conversation between the Prime Minister of Sweden and the Mayor of Seoul The Mayor of Seoul introducing the Digital Mayor’s Office

    Itinerary for the Visit of Sweden’s Prime Minister to Seoul

    □ Event Overview (Public)

    Event Overview (Public)
    Time Contents Venue
    09:00-09:18 Conversation Mayor’s Office (6F)
    09:18-09:28 Honorary Citizenship Award Ceremony
    09:28-09:38 Demonstration of Digital Mayor’s Office
    09:38-09:40 Farewell and conclusion of event 1F

    □ Detailed Itinerary

    09:00 ( 1′) Arrival at Seoul City Hall (Main Entrance) Reception: Mayor, International Relations Ambassador
    09:01 ( 2′) Move (1F ⇨ 6F Mayor’s Office) Signing of guest book before conversation
    09:03 (15′) Conversation between Mayor & Prime Minister of Sweden Interpretation: Order of Korean-English
    09:18 ( 5′) Awarding of honorary citizenship Joined by economic delegation
    09:23 ( 5′) Mayor’s congratulatory address ⇨ response from Prime Minister of Sweden
    09:28 (10′) Demonstration of Digital Mayor’s Office
    09:38 ( 2′) Move (6F lobby ⇨ 1F) Farewell: Mayor, International Relations Ambassador
    09:40 Conclusion of Event

    Prime Minister of Sweden’s Biography

    □ Name: Stefan Löfven
    □ Date of Birth: July 21, 1957 (age 62)
    □ Affiliation: Social Democratic Party
    □ Education

    • Umeå University (Department of Social Work) (dropped out)

    □ Experience

    • Oct. 2014- Prime Minister of Sweden (re-elected Sept. 2018)
    • 2012- Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party
    • 1989-1995 Began social activity in Swedish Metalworkers’ Union

    □ Other Experience

    • Oct. 2013 Visited Seoul and interviewed Mayor as leader of the Social Democratic Party
      • – Shared policies regarding Seoul’s childcare, taxes, education, public-private cooperation, transportation, open administration, etc