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  • Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters Operates Two More Negative Pressure Ambulances in Response to COVID-19

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 6700

    The Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters is operating two more negative pressure ambulances to promptly respond to the infectious disease.
    ○ The negative pressure ambulance is an ambulance with negative pressure inside to prevent the virus from leaking out.

    When the paramedics are called out for a suspected COVID-19 case, they undergo a more intense workload involving longer treatment time than when handling other patients. The dispatch of additional negative pressure ambulances will reduce the time spent on field activities by 119 squads, easing the workload of ambulance workers.

    The number of transferred suspected COVID-19 patients gradually began decreasing in June: 102 (first week) → 85 (second week) → 66 (third week) → 74 (fourth week) → 59 (first week of July).

    The number of confirmed cases is fluctuating: 10 (first week) → 34 (second week) → 43 (third week) → 20 (fourth week) → 10 (first week of July).

    As of July 5, a total of 9,588 suspected COVID-19 patients has been transferred. Among them, 365 patients, which amount to 3.8%, tested positive for COVID-19.
    The Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters announced, “Up until no, no fire-fighting officers that have been involved in transferring COVID-19 suspected patients have tested positive for the infectious disease.”