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  • Presentation of 2015 Blueprint of Seoul as ‘State-of-the-art Smart City’

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    Seoul citizens will be able to use free wireless internet at public facilities across Seoul City, including public offices and community centers, from as early as 2015.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government was ranked first in an e-government assessment of global cities for four consecutive years from 2003, and has been playing a leading role as a city of state-of-the-art ICT (Information & Communication Technology). On June 8, the City Government announced the Smart Seoul 2015 vision, a blueprint for the informatization of Seoul, which the City Government has been preparing in order to incorporate IT services into every field, including administration, welfare, industry and living.

    The plan is a preemptive, proactive measure to brace the city for informatization in preparation for 2015, when more than 80 percent of the city’s population is expected to use smart devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs, as well as the wireless Internet, and when over 30 percent of citizens are likely to be using smart TVs.

    On the back these efforts, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to create a “Seoul that uses smart technologies the best in the world in an exemplary fashion by 2015.”

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will explain Smart Seoul 2015 at the 2011 u-Seoul Forum, which is due to place at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry at 2 pm on June 8, and share the future vision of Seoul City’s informatization with members of the public and people engaged in the IT industry.

    Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “The miracle of IT, which has developed alarmingly fast over the past twenty or more years, will be upgraded once more through Smart Seoul,” adding, “Seoul City will continue to maintain its stature as the World’s Best IT City, and as a Convenient State-of-the-art City where IT streams into every aspect of citizens’ daily life.”