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  • Prepare for a hopeful life in Seoul with the information on “2021 Changing Seoul Life”

  • Press Releases SMG 166
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will publish “2021 Changing Seoul Life” and it provides information about 50 local projects, including the newly implemented system and facilities to be opened in the New Year.
    • Safety: An emergency medical center specializing in infection control is established at Seoul Medical Center and capacity is 2.7 times higher.
    • Warmth: Seoul-type paid sick leave will be expanded to 14 days to support 85,610 won per day, which is equivalent to living wage.
    • Dream: The DDP video studio, which will open in February, will launch a ‘Youth Unemployment Resolution Project’ to support young people’s employment
    • Breath: Sejong-daero Forest Road and a new Gwanghwamun Square will be opened to connect the pedestrian path of main attractions from Seoul Station to Gwanghwamun.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 29, 2020 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government will publish “2021 Changing Seoul Life” in early January so that citizens can check the newly implemented projects, public facilities ahead of their opening in 2021, and new systems related to citizens’ lives at once.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will establish a five-story emergency medical center at the Seoul Medical Center to accommodate emergency patients such as COVID-19 preparation. It aims to open at the end of the New Year. Following the existing 22 beds, 59 more beds will be newly established, which will strengthen the capacity of accommodation for severe patients by about 2.7 times.

    Inside the DDP (Dongdaemun Digital Plaza), the video studio “Seoul On” will be operated at all times for all citizens to use. From February 21, applications for a reservation for a rental will be accepted

    The “Seoul Youth Center Orang”, which provides one-stop support for youth career, employment, and living concerns, will be expanded to 11 places. A new youth unemployment resolution project for young people facing unemployment difficulties due to the prolonged COVID-19. It is responsible for professional job training and customized consulting as well as employment for young people (ages 19 to 34) whose average monthly income is below the median income of households

    The key contents of each project were highlighted so that citizens could recognize them, and specific details such as how to use and cautions were solved through Q&A. For additional questions, you can make inquiries via phone, online, or social media.

    The four areas are 1) safe cities (10 projects), 2) warm cities (15 projects), 3) dreaming cities (14 projects), 4) breathing cities (11 projects), and a total of 50 projects.