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  • Premium Art Fair G-SEOUL 2013- At Grand Hilton Seoul from July27 until July 1-Displaying many things to see

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    Ethnic Chinese art collectors invited through the Quintessentially Asia office of the Global Luxury Lifestyle Group

    – Bordeaux Wine Fair, Salon Du Vin Seoul 2013, and Q Gourmet Week to be held as well

    A premium art fair dubbed Gallery Seoul will be held under its new name, G-Seoul, for five days between June 27 and July 1 at Grand Hilton Seoul. The third annual event (G-Seoul 2013) is hosted by The Guard and The Joongang Ilbo and sponsored by the 2013 G-SEOUL Organizing Committee and J Contentree. Starting this year, the event will be supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) and Arts Council Korea (ARTCO). It is also participated in by Freeport, a luxury storage platform that has emerged as a Mecca of art storage for worldwide art collectors since its establishment in Geneva in 1859.


    G-SEOUL 2013 aspires to join the ranks of world-class events
    In a bid to be reborn as a world-class art fair, the third annual event was renamed G-SEOUL 2013. It will be held for five days (June 27 ~ July 1) at Grand Hilton Seoul, which boasts of well-arranged landscaping.

    This year’s event will be participated in by 50-plus galleries from all over the world, including Kukje Gallery, Hakgojae, Gana Art, Arario, Johyun Gallery, Leeahn Gallery, Jean Art Gallery, Wellside Gallery, Gallery Mee, Sun Contemporary, The Page Gallery, Gallery 2, Gallery em, Gallery SoSo, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, ARK Gallery (Indonesia), Nadi Gallery (Indonesia), MA2 (Japan), Collectiva (Germany), James Cohan Gallery (New York), PACE Beijing Gallery (Beijing), MOT (London), Tang Contemporary (Beijing), Victoria Miro Gallery (London), Moriyu Gallery (Tokyo), and Gagosian (London).

    Special exhibit: Hypernarrative, K’s collection, way of seeing
    G-Seoul 2013 will include a special exhibit, K’s Collection, which will display the value of documentary photos focusing on the vivid sense of reality and of “being there.” The works displayed will enable visitors to see previously undisclosed images of each era.

    “Hypernarrative” is also held with the arrangement of Curator Lee Dae-hyung. It will observe the role to be played in Korea’s contemporary art by an approach of making a changed narrative structure that goes beyond the order of time and space, rather than the difference in forms and genres. Visitors will have the pleasure of seeing the efforts made by Lee Dae-hyung to explore and train young artists through Korean eye and the new view adopted by participating artists concerning contemporary art and narrative.

    Other events simultaneously held include: “A TABLE Exhibit” showing the beauty of artworks that we see in our everyday lives, and; “Way of Seeing Exhibit,” which displays the new approach of nine artists.

    Ancillary events – WINE, DOCENT
    The ait institute, an institution specializing in fine art education, will give interesting in-depth explanation on the event as a whole using the VIP Docent Program for visiting VIPs. Artists’ visit to studio, a program linking fine art museums with art galleries, and lectures by world-renowned art experts will also be held.

    VIP visitors to G-SEOUL 2013 will also be invited to Salon du Vin Seoul 2013, where they can sample 80-plus wines made in 20 premium wineries in Bordeaux, France. At the information desk of Salon du Vin Seoul 2013 on one side of the exhibition hall, visitors can taste deluxe Bordeaux wines at Petit Salon du Vin and get information on, or place orders for, wines sold at the Seoul 2013 event place.

    During the event, many ethnic Chinese VIP art collectors invited through the Quintessentially Asia office of the Global Luxury Lifestyle Group will visit Korea. The event will serve as a valuable opportunity to introduce the potential of the country’s fine art market and new artists to them and listen to their opinions on fine art markets worldwide.

    Moreover, at G-SEOUL 2013, Quintessentially Korea, which has VVIP concierge service know-how, will provide high-quality service for VIPs both in and out of Korea. Grand Hilton Seoul will display diverse hotel package programs.

    A celebrity attending the event
    Car aficionados are already excited about the car of F1 driver Takuma Sato, which will be displayed during G-SEOUL 2013. The Japanese car racer, who took part in the F1 races between 2002 and 2008, has posted the best record in F1 among Asian car racers. At present, he is taking part in the Indi Car Series in the United States. He won the championship in the third round of the IZOD Indi Car Series held on April 21 this year in Long Beach, California. He will take part in the SUPER FORMULA race held in Inje Autopia in August this year, with the car displayed during G-SEOUL 2013.

    Q- Small Gourmet Week
    The Q-Small Gourmet Week event will be held on July 1 ~ 7 during the G-SEOUL 2013 and hosted by Quintessentially Korea of the Global Luxury Lifestyle Group at 30-plus luxury restaurants in Gangnam. Visitors to the G-SEOUL 2013 will get various benefits, such as Q-Small Gourmet Menu (menu specially selected by chefs), Welcome Dish, Wine Corkage Service, etc., offered by the restaurants.

    Admission tickets for G-SEOUL 2013 may be purchased through Interpark (+82-1544-1555) or G-SEOUL 2013 The Guard Secretariat (+82-2- 556-1440).

    Summary of the G-SEOUL 2013event

    • Hosted by: The Guard and The Joongang Ilbo
    • Sponsored by: The 2013 G-SEOUL Organizing Committee and the J Contentree.
    • Place: Grand Hilton Seoul (353 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul)
    • Period: From June 27, 2013 until July 1 (for five days)
    • Opening ceremony: 6:00 PM on June 27, 2013
    • Open on: – 3:00 PM– 9:00 PM, June 27 (for invited VIP/PRESS only)
      – 11:00 AM – 2 PM, June 28 ~ 30 (for VIP Only)
      – 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM, June 28 ~ 30 (for general public)
      – 11:00 AM -3:00 PM, July 1 (for all)

    • Programs: G-SEOUL 2013 VIP Art Program; ART TALK 13; VIP Concierge Service; Salon du Vin Seoul 2013
    • For inquiries, please call +82-2-556-1440.