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  • Preliminary Vote Begins to Choose One of Three “Seoul Brand” Finalists

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government began a preliminary vote to choose one of the three finalists for the new Seoul brand, which will be selected and announced on October 28. Through the Seoul Brand Contest, held from July 20 to September 1, a total of 30 prize-winning ideas were selected and further screened by design experts. Afterward, three finalists were selected at the Seoul Brand Promotion Committee meeting held on October 2.

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    With the consent of the winners and based on their opinions, the 30 prize-winning entries were subjected to screening by experts, combining the winning slogans and BIs.

    The preliminary vote will be held both online, via the Seoul Brand Website (http://seoulbrand.go.kr), and offline, from October 6 (Tues) to 26 (Mon).
    Korean citizens will cast their votes on the Seoul Brand website, while foreign residents can vote on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s official website (http://english.seoul.go.kr).

    The results of the preliminary vote will be reflected in the vote held at the “Meeting of 1,000 Citizens to Select the Seoul Brand,” where the new Seoul Brand will be selected through a competitive audition held on October 28. The final selection will be determined based on the sum of citizen votes (preliminary votes and citizen judges’ votes at the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens) and the scores given by expert judges. At the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens, 1,000 citizen judges will watch presentations made by the three finalists and cast their votes, as is done in any competitive audition.

    Among the three finalists, I.Seoul.U presents an image of Seoul as a place where “you” and “I,” two completely different people, meet and coexist. The red and blue dots in I.Seoul.U symbolize passion and relaxation, respectively, and the brand portrays “I” and “you” as connected by Seoul and in a state of coexistence. The letter “o” at the center of I.Seoul.U has been replaced with the Korean letter “ㅇ” to express that Seoul is a global city and emblematic of the Republic of Korea. This brand communicates a simple yet unique image that combines both Eastern and Western sentiments.

    Seouling , which expresses Seoul’s dynamism through the use of “ing” and portrays the city as a place where the traditional and the modern, the city and nature, and all Seoul citizens coexist, move, change, and grow together. The “i” in Seouling represents the passion of Seoul citizens and signifies that city branding must be led by the people. Also, the “i” is situated in the new brand image as if it were a person leisurely looking at Seoul. And the contrast between the red and blue does not signify opposition but rather coexistence in Seoul.

    Seoulmate is a combination of the name of the city “Seoul” and the English word “mate,” meaning friend. This brand represents friends who understand each other and are completely comfortable and relaxed together, like “soul mates.” The Seoulmate brand combines the letters “e” and “o” in a circle to express Seoul as a place of coexistence, also allowing it to be read as “soulmate.” Moreover, by highlighting the word “soul,” meaning “spirit,” this brand emphasizes the passionate image of Seoul, a city full of artistic spirit and enthusiasm.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will announce the new Seoul Brand immediately after the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens on October 28 (Wed). Afterwards, K-Pop performances will be held for Seoul citizens and visitors from around the world to enjoy.

      《Overview of the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens and the Announcement Ceremony》

        ❖ Date: October 28, 2015 (Wed)

      • (Part 1) Meeting of 1,000 Citizens: 18:00 – 19:30 (90 minutes)
      • (Part 2) Announcement Ceremony and Events: 20:00 – 22:00 (120 minutes)
      • ❖ Venue: Special Stage, Seoul Plaza

        ❖ Program

      • – Meeting of 1,000 Citizens to vote for the new Seoul Brand in a competitive audition format
      • – Ceremony for the announcement of the new Seoul Brand followed by special events (Hallyu performances)