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  • Preliminary Performance for 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza

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    Prior to the installation of the main stage for the 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza, Seoul will host the “boom-up” preliminary performance on the eastern part of the Seoul Plaza in line with the theme, ”Spring’s here! It’s picnic time!” For five days on April 15, 17, 22, 24, and 26, unique attractions will unfold at Seoul Plaza.

    During the “boom-up” preliminary performance, people will get a glimpse into different genres, not readily accessible, that include circus performances, large street puppet shows, and pole dancing.

    Preliminary Performance for 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza
    Date & Time Performance Teams Main Contents
    04.15 (Mon.) 12:20-12:50 Seefar Project Artistic performance creating dramatic images of human life through the circus
    04.17 (Wed.) 12:20-12:50 Traditional Art Professional play performance with a compilation of traditional arts
    04.22 (Mon.) 12:20-12:50 ArtstageSAN A large street puppet show uniquely portraying the story of The Fairy and the Woodcutter
    04.24 (Wed.) 12:20-12:50 Sung A Pole Studio An artistic gymnastics performance using a 2.6m pole
    04.26 (Fri.) 12:20-12:50 BONGnJOULE Creative circus play using ropes and poles

    The 2019 Cultural Seoul Plaza will begin with the “boom-up” preliminary performances with various stages taking place through October. This year has some diversification in store for the programming, adding films and plays, in addition to musical performances. Enjoyable performances for all age groups, including children and the elderly, will also be included for a wider stage platform.

    More information is available at the Seoul Culture Portal (www.culture.seoul.go.kr) and the Seoul Plaza website (www.cultureseoul.co.kr). Additional inquiries may also be made to the Seoul Culture Policy Division (82-2-2133-2541).

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    Reference Photos
    Circus Traditional Art
    Street Puppet Show Pole Dancing