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  • Precautions for International Travelers

  • Card News SMG 22459

    Precautions for International Travelers

    Before boarding (departure) • Do not board if you have a fever or show 
   respiratory symptoms.
• Do not invite non-accompanying guests 
   to the airport, and make sure to wear a mask.
• Avoid peak hours and arrive at the airport early.
• Reserve your flight and check in using online 
   services or kiosks.

    On board (aircraft) • Always wear a mask while on board. Refrain from talking when eating food, 
such as in-flight meals. • Sanitize your hands before/after using public 
   spaces in the aircraft, such as the lavatory.

    After landing (arrival) • Always wear a mask.
• Sanitize your hands before/after using 
   baggage claim.
• Use transportation designated for international 
   arrivals when traveling. Use specially designated shuttle services (buses, taxis), 
thoroughly sanitize your hands, and refrain from eating/
talking while riding.
Avoid physical contact while riding with other passengers, 
such as shaking hands, and sit distanced apart by sitting 
behind each other instead of face-to-face. * Passengers must wear a mask, and ventilate 
    the vehicle by frequently opening the window.

    • Disinfect the surface of your belongings, 
   such as luggage, upon arriving at 
   your accommodation/residence.
    * Disinfect surfaces of frequent touch, such as seats and handles.
• Observe the quarantine rules 
   (e.g. self-quarantine at home, quarantine 
    at facility) if issued a quarantine notice.