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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Popular Character Pucca to Let Seoulites and Tourists Know Public Information

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    Pucca will engage in public information campaign activities to promote Seoul to its citizens and tourists. It will introduce Seoul’s main attractions to foreign tourists as well. The Seoul metropolitan city government signed an agreement with Vooz which created the character Pucca on November 17 to jointly produce content for public use free of charge. Pucca, designed by the animation character designing company in 2000, has gained popularity in more than 150 markets worldwide. It has won the best animation character awards for three consecutive years from 2003, and was selected as Korea’s best animation character in 2010 by the Seoul Business Agency. The city government plans to allow Seoulites to obtain public information on the city related to women and children in an easy and fun way by utilizing Pucca. The lovable character will also be on public campaigns about etiquette on public transportation or non-smoking sections in order to establish better communication channels between the city government and Seoul citizens through the friendly animation character.