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Workers Participation in Management

Operation of WPM

■ Schedule of promotion

To the stable introduction of WPM, opinions of interested parties and experts will be collected to form the public consensus and establish and implement the system.

April - May collect opinions and enact the ordiance
May collect opinions by public hearins and policy debates
August Submit the ordinance to the city council
September deliberate on the ordinance and pass a vote
October Intruduce WPM

■ Institutions of introduction and the number of seats given to worker representatives

  • Institution: 15 state-owned corporations with more than 30 employees, public corporation, government-funded corporations
  • The number of seats: One third of the number of non-executive directors, one per institution (if more than 300 employees, two representatives in the board)
  • Tenure: Three years unpaid (Except the financial compensation for participation of the board meetings and training for empowerment)

■ Nomination of worker representatives in the board

Selection of worker representatives in the board

Worker representatives of a board of directors are basically recommended through open recruiting and by nomination committee and appointed by Mayor. Also, they will be nominated as Non-Executive Director because they carry out their existing duty and also serve as the representative of a board.

Detailed qualification for the application is expected to become specified by collecting opinions from concerned institutions to take special conditions of each agency into account.

Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies for labor-management cooperation

Rights and responsibilities of worker representatives in the board

  • If union members are appointed, they must withdraw from the union according to labor laws.
  • They have voting rights regarding business plans, budget, revision of articles of association, and disposition of properties, and are able to reflect their specialized knowledge as workers and the voices from the workplace in making management policies.
  • If they do not abide by laws, ordinances, and articles of association, they must take responsibility for all the problems caused by such a violation.

Individual operation plans of each institution

Worker representatatives on the board of state-owned corporations Worker representatives on the board of government-funded corporations
• On business palns, budget, and settelement
• On revision of articles of association, regulations, and opening & shut down of organizations or institutions
• On acquisition, dispostion, lease of important properties, and consignment of busienss agencies
• On surplus and deficit appropriation/ lawsuit or recouncilation/ other issues
• On basic operation priciples of foundation
• On business plans and budget, business results and settelement, revision of articles of associations
• On appointment of emlpoyees and executives of organizations, institutions, and on acquisition, dispostion, lease of important properties