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Happy senior citizens Comprehensive Welfare Program

Seoul devised a welfare policy tailored for all citizens. Announced in October 2012, the Happy senior citizens Comprehensive Welfare Program involving post-retirement second life aims at an aging society targeting not only senior citizens and baby boomers. Seoul Post-Retirement Second Life Support Center opened in Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, in February 2013, providing diverse business incubation and job programs to help senior citizens with their second-life design, reemployment education, and social participation activities. Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to establish one center per district by 2018. In addition, Seoul increases jobs for senior citizens by providing them with jobs in public services and by expanding senior clubs. It constructs comprehensive computer systems for managing senior citizens living alone.

1. Helping in daily routines

Seoul provides physically weak senior citizens living alone with house chores services such as laundry and cleaning, caring, meals, buddies to talk with, and errands. Seoul also offers long-term treatment insurance premiums to senior citizens classified as grades 1 ~ 3 for long-term treatment but who are excluded from the category of national basic welfare beneficiaries as family supporters.

2. No need to worry about meals

Seoul provides meals to marginalized senior citizens. Such meals are provided at senior citizen centers’ eateries, with meals and side dishes delivered to physically weak senior citizens who have to stay at home.

3. Increasing the number of life facilities for senior citizens

Seoul increased the number of elderly treatment facilities for those who suffer from dementia, stroke, and other senior citizens diseases as well as the number of day and nighttime protection facilities, i.e., Seoul-type day care centers.

4. Continuing to increase jobs for senior citizens

Believing that 70-year-old people are still young, Seoul provides over 40,000 jobs to senior citizens. Jobs are classified into social contribution types and market entry types to guarantee the earning of income and pride of working.

5. Improving the Comprehensive senior citizens Welfare Center

Seoul recreates some 30 Comprehensive senior citizens Welfare Centers to be suitable for senior citizens’ various welfare needs such as hobbies, leisure activities, and health management and to be an open space for 1 ~ 3 generations blending altogether in a bid to foster the culture of respecting senior citizens. Seoul also increases the number of highly accessible, district-specific, small-scale elderly welfare centers.

6. Creating fun senior citizen centers

Seoul implements eight special programs for senior citizen centers, such as social services, community activities, creative crafting, urban farming, caregiving, and opening of facilities to boost the fun of senior citizen centers.

7. Helping design post-retirement second life

Seoul establishes post-retirement second life support centers to help senior citizens recreate their life and culture in a bid to support senior citizens in second-life design and activities.