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Visiting Community Service Centers

Plans for Reaching-out Community Service Centers


Community service centers will reinvent themselves from a civil petition and administrative function-centered organization to a welfare base that promotes residents’ participation in creating a resident convenient welfare ecosystem.


In addition, ‘the Reaching-out Community Service Center Program’ has been executed with private-public governance throughout the process from preparation to drawing up the policy.

  • Experts in all areas from private and public sectors collaborated to create the policy
  • The Steering Committee organized experts in the related areas, representatives of the related organizations, related departments of the city and autonomous districts governments (public officials) (Dec. 2014)
  • Private-public governance expanded its application of the operation with the support division composed of private experts from the city and autonomous districts for the successful establishment of the program
  • 606 workers newly employed for the successful execution of the Reaching-out Community Service Center program (500 social welfare public officials and 106 visiting nurses) (planning to hire 2,045 new workers by 2018)
  • Support labor expenses for social welfare workers and visiting nurses


Visiting Welfare Planner

In order to realize the core function of the visiting welfare service, all employees of community service centers take charge of each section of the community under the name of ‘In-charge Officer of Our Community’. As well, each community service center will be allocated with 5 social welfare public officials and 1 or 2 visiting nurses in order to pay a direct visit to the senior citizens aged from 65 to 70, families with new-born and poor families in crisis to address problems.

Visiting Senior Citizens Aged from 65 to 70

  • A pair, including a social welfare public official and a visiting nurse pay a visit after a prior notice
  • Provide welfare/health information including basic pension, service counseling and consulting, and realization of preventative health management through health check-up on senior citizens

Visiting Families with New-Born

  • A social welfare public official pays a visit after a prior notice (with a visiting infant nurse if needed)
  • Continued management in connection with private resources and provide welfare information including health check-up for new-born, mothers, post-natal depression test and provision of child-rearing benefits

Visiting Poor Families in Crisis

  • A pair, including an in-charge official and a community leader pay a visit after prior notice
  • Visiting reclusive and vulnerable families per each district and identify cases
  • Continuous monitoring on the families and manage the complex cases by district

Provide Integrated Welfare Service

  • Provide customized services to meet various residents demands along with the introduction of welfare counseling experts (allocate 1 – 2 experts in each team, provide a one-stop service on overall livelihood including welfare, health and employment)
  • Provide customized and integrated solutions to the relevant subject based on district-specific case management

In-Charge Official of Our Community

  • Employees of community service centers
  • Visit the area in charge, identify welfare dead zones and provide welfare services
  • Check the area in charge on a regular basis with community leaders and sharing neighbors, handle civil complaints based on collected citizens’ opinions

Welfare Counseling Experts

  • Social Welfare Public Officials with Minimum 3 – 5 Year Career in Welfare
  • Inform and provide integrated welfare services that reflects residents’ demands and living conditions
  • Provide customized solutions in connection with welfare counseling service and local resources (medial institution, local organizations and community tax accountants)

Creation of Village Community

Create a residents-initiative community ecosystem in which residents who know best about the community solve their own problems. Establish a support foundation for the program through reinforced residents’ capacity, creation of close network and increased uniformity and consistency with the community


Nurturing Community Project Experts

Each district will designate one private expert, who knows best about the properties of the community and the residents, as a community project expert, who will actively collect opinions of the residents and reflect these collected ideas on the administration of the community plans set up by the residents. The community project expert creates a local network and bridge between various organizations and residents who play a central role in community plans. With this, the community project as it reflects the local community’s nature and in which residents can play a pivotal role, will lay a foundation to create an engaging community ecosystem.

Create a Resident Initiative Community

  • Community Project Expert
  • Community Med
  • General Assembly
  • Community Energy
  • Community Fund


Create Open Space for Residents

The Reaching-out Community Service Center Program changed community centers from a general administrative space that handles civil complaints to an open space for local residents. Architects in various areas who understand public concerns including public architects of Seoul City participated in the project. They redesigned and constructed the space after discussion with residents. The core idea of the space improvement is that office space can be added or rearranged according to the changing functions of the community center and the unused remaining spaces can be created into an open space for the convenience of residents such as book café or theater. 200 public architects of Seoul City have participated and taking charge of one center each, created an open space inside the community service center following discussion with local residents. The architect in charge will be there during the entire process through opinion gatherings from local residents, planning, design, and construction to post-management issues that are related to the improvement of the community center space.

With the open space in operation, the community service center naturally becomes the center of local residents and encourages local residents to spread The news to the isolated neighbors and solve community issues together.

■ Timeline

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will gradually double its welfare-related workforce in community service centers to 2,450 persons by 2018 to expand the coverage of the Reaching-out Community Service Center to the entire city.

July 2015 80 Centers, 13 Autonomous districts
July 2016 283 Centers, 18 Autonomous districts
July 2017 424 Centers, 25 Autonomous districts

■ Expected Effects

With the implementation of the ‘Reaching-out Community Service Center’ program, the centers can provide customized welfare and health services to residents and residents can find out and solve community issues in an engaging community ecosystem.

Welfare Planner Visiting Nurse • Realize customized welfare for children seniors and poor families in crisis
• Relieve welfare dead zones
Welfare Counseling Expert • One-Stop service that integrates welfare, employment legal service and social service
In-Charge Official of Our Community • In-charge officials check overall livelihoods of residents
• Private-public cooperation in identification and connection of local resources and creation of community network
Community Project Expert • Promote resisdents participation,
• Create a residents-initiative community through community plans