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Ten Measures for Public Welfare and Safety

Safety Sector

Ninth, Strengthening Fire Safety in Traditional Markets

Although traditional markets are used by many citizens, they are very vulnerable to disasters such as fires, which can lead to major casualties and property damage. A recent fire accident which occurred in Seomun Market in Daegu-si, is one of the fire accidents that caused significant property damage because the fire safety management was not done properly. Therefore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will inspect and provide comprehensive support for fire risk factors in traditional markets until February 2017 in order to create safer traditional markets. In the case of high-risk traditional markets, it will continue to manage even after February. To this end, fire extinguishers will be installed at all stores in the traditional market by January, and fire extinguishing equipment inspection and fire safety education will be conducted in parallel.

Status of Installation of Fire Extinguishers at Traditional Markets (as of December, 2016)

Installed 39,804 65% Uninstalled 21,316 35%

Install Fire Extinguishers at Traditional Markets
Support the installation of ‘one fire extinguisher per one store’ in 352 traditional markets in 25 autonomous districts (30,000 units)

Provide One-stop “Safety and Welfare” Comprehensive Service
Provide services such as fire extinguishing equipment inspection, fire safety education, and meetings with one visit

Free Support for “Fire Extinguishing Equipment Inspection”
On-site training for people in the market of self-inspection of fire extinguishing equipment Free rental service of self-inspection equipment to people interested in performing self check-ups

Customized and Concentrated Management of Traditional Markets at a High Risk of Fire
Campaign to enhance safety awareness and fire prevention
Expand firefighting training and education (once a month)
Occasional safety inspection and joint patrol by experts and specialized agencies
Emergency maintenance support for facilities with safety vulnerability

Electrical Safety Check · Expansion and Improvement of Facilities and Early Implementation of Electricity Usage Education
Expansion of target market for electrical safety check and stores for facility improvement (18,000 stores)
Early implementation of electricity usage education (January)

Intensive Inspection of Facilities Vulnerable to Disasters

Tenth, Intensive Inspection of Facilities Vulnerable to Disasters and Early Implementation of Maintenance and Repair

The prolonged economic recession and the enforcement of the new anti-corruption law have reduced consumer sentiment and the number of overseas tourists, and thus traditional markets are facing increasing difficulties. In addition, when the Lunar New Year holiday is over, it is expected that consumption will decline again and the difficulty will increase. To overcome such difficulties facing traditional markets, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will carry out various events and promotional events for five days starting from February 6th. Events and promotions will be held for all traditional markets in Seoul that want to participate in, and the SMG will support traditional markets in a variety of ways, including discount sales on a large scale and promotional programs for visiting traditional markets.

Disaster-prone Facilities (1,014 facilities)

  • Facility where fire is likely to occur in winter, such as traditional markets, underground shopping malls, and others
  • Major disaster-prone facilities with high risk of collapse
  • Large construction sites with high risk of accidents in winter

Social Welfare Facilities (237 facilities)

  • Elderly care facilities older than 20 years (193 facilities)
  • Residential facilities for the disabled (44 facilities)

Private Construction sites (100 facilities)

  • Special inspection: Underground construction sites 10m below ground (100 facilities)
  • Periodic inspection: Construction sites in progress, construction sites such as masonry and retaining walls